Monday, December 6, 2021

Six Shooter 2022

This year I am participating in 3 challenges hosted at Rick Mills' blog.  His focus is on mysteries and fun ways to track them.  I did them last year and thoroughly enjoyed myself.

I am also participating in the Medical Examiner challenge and the Beachcomber Bingo challenge.

Six Shooter 

The other fun tracking task is his Six Shooter Challenge.  This one also involves reading mysteries.  Each distinct author you read opens a new target for you.  Then as you complete an additional book by that author you score an additional shot.   Continue to score until you complete 6 shots for an author.   

Target 1:  Laura Childs  Target Completed

Target 2:  Debra Sennefelder

Target 3:  James Patterson   

  • 1st Shot 21st Birthday (Women's Murder Club #21)
  • Blog Post and Goodreads Review 6/18/21
  • Target 4:  Sherry Harris

    Target 5:  Stuart Woods

    Target 6:  Amanda Flower  Target Completed

    Target 7:   Joanna Campbell Slan  Target Completed

    Target 7a:   Joanna Campbell Slan
    Target 8:  Lucy Burdette
    Target 9:  Agatha Christie

    Target 10:  Mary Higgins Clark 

    Target 11:  Jenn McKinlay /Lucy Lawrence/JosieBelle 

    Target 12:  Jessica Fletcher  

    Target 13:  CA Phipps

    Target 14:  Leslie Burdewitz

    Target 15:  Sheila Connolly  
    Target 16:  Sally Goldenbaum
    Target 17:  Nancy CoCo
    Target 18:  Kate Carlisle 
    Target 19:  Libby Klein Target Completed
    Target 20:  Jennifer Joy/Becca Bloom
    Target 21:  J.M. Griffin
    Target 22:  Ovidia Yu
    Target 23:  Tonya Kappes
      Target 24 C. A. Larmer
      Target 25  Meredith Potts
        Target 26  Sara Rosett

        Target 27  Donna Amis Davis
        Target 28 Vivien Chien
        Target 29 Rhys Bowen
        Target 30 Ruby Loren

          Target 31 Winnie Archer
          Target 32  Sarah Fox
          Target 33 Alyssa Maxwell
          Target 34  Lynn Cahoon  Target Completed
          Target 35 Bree Baker
          Target 36 Paige Shelton
            Target 37 Miranda James 
              Target 38 Lizzie Josephson 

              Target 39  Leena Clover
              Target 40 Laurie Cass
                Target 41 Ellery Adams
                Target 42 Denise Swanson
                Target 43 Lauren Elliot
                Target 44 Joanne Fluke  Target Completed
                Target 45 Chris Niles
                Target 46  Judy Moore
                Target 47  Victoria Gilbert
                Target 48  Mary McHugh
                Target 49 Kate Lansing
                Target 50 Lisa Unger
                Target 51 Mollie Cox Bryan/Maggie Blackburn
                Target 52 Maddie Day/ Edith Maxwell   Target Completed
                Target 53 Ginger Bolton
                  Target 54 Maya Corrigan
                  Target 55 Cheryl Hollon
                  Target 56 Jeanne Burrows-Johnson
                  Target 57 Kathleen Bridge
                  Target 58 Eva Gates
                  Target 59 Erika Chase
                  Target 60 Amy Lillard
                    Target 61 Daryl Wood Gerber/Avery Aames
                    Target 62 Lorna Barrett/ Lorraine Bartlett
                    Target 63  Mildred Abbot
                    Target 64 Isabella Alan
                    Target 65  Julie Anne Lindsey
                    Target 66 Elizabeth Logan
                    Target 67 Karen McManus
                    Target 68  Catie Murphy
                    Target 69  Marc Jedel
                    Target 70 Kaitlyn Dunnett
                    Target 71  Rosie A. Point
                    Target 72 Eve Calder 
                    Target 73  Chris Cavender/ Tim Myers
                    Target 74  Ana T. Drew
                    Target 75 Verena Deluca

                    Target 76 Ruth Ware
                    Target 77 Tricia L Sanders
                    Target 78  Jennifer S Alderson
                    Target 79 Adriana Liccio
                    Target 80 Bethany Blake
                    Target 81  Virginia Lowell

                    Target 82  Cleo Coyle
                    Target 83 Lee Hollis
                    Target 84  Betty Hechtman

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