Tuesday, March 16, 2021

Chorus Lines, Caviar and Corpses

 This was the first book in the Happy Hoofers series by Mary McHugh.  I enjoyed the premise of the book and the tight comradery of the main characters.  They are a strong group of women who have a great friendship.  Their individual character strengths and weaknesses were accurately represented.  Their internal squabbling and the peacemaker in the group all felt realistic.  

The vivid descriptions of the Russian towns and St. Petersburg were wonderful.  The food and culture of Russia were well represented.  As was the historical facts blended in under the auspicious of a tour guide and local guide on board their cruise ship.  The premise of the mystery was a good one although the strength of the revelation was a bit lacking as I found myself guessing the guilty party early on in the book.   

I am looking forward to reading more adventures with these ladies.  There next adventure is in Spain so that should be interesting.  The series seems like it will be a fun way to virtually travel the world.

Chorus Lines, Caviar, and CorpsesChorus Lines, Caviar, and Corpses by Mary McHugh
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I enjoyed the ensemble cast of friends in this cozy. I did find the mystery a bit predictable which is why it’s a 3 not a 4 star. The characters were like able and realistic. I look forward to seeing their relationships develop in the series. The descriptions of St Petersburg and the towns along the river were wonderful and makes me want to visit even more than I did previously

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