Monday, November 30, 2020

Diversify your reading challenge #DYRC21

 The Diversify your reading challenge #DYRC21  is hosted by Kelly Mongan, on her Mongan Moments blog.  This is made up of 12 monthly genre prompts and then 4 bonus prompts.  This is a new challenge for me in 2021

Our quarterly bonus challenge is a great way to explore some new books, without an emphasis on genre:

  • Q1 (Jan-Mar): Award Winner
  • Q2 (April-Jun): Translated Text
  • Q3 (Jul-Sep): Banned Book
  • Q4 (Oct-Dec): 2021 Best Seller

She has a variety of infographics you can use to track it in whatever format you are most interested in, including checklist and bingo cards.  Join me in expanding your genres, check it out here.  

Calendar of Crime 2021

 I will be doing this challenge again this year.   It is hosted by Bev at MyReadersBlock.   

This is a challenge I will fit books in as I read them rather than pre select the books.  There is a link up to post reviews each month and a summary wrapup is do at the end of the year.

Books I've read

While I Was Reading

 I am going to participate in this 12 prompt challenge hosted by Ramona Mead again this year.  

2021 Reading Challenge Categories

Books Completed 11/12

  1. √ A book published before 2000   
  2. √ An essay or short story collection
  3. √ A book you’ve been looking forward to
  4. A book you’ve been avoiding
  5. √ A book of magical realism
  6. √ A book with alliteration in the title
  7. √ A book with food or drink on the cover
  8. √ A cozy mystery
  9. √ A book with a dog on the cover
  10. √ A memoir
  11. √ A book by an author who has written more than 10 books
  12. √ A debut novel

Sunday, November 29, 2020

Monthly Key Word #MonthlyKeyWordGXO

 This is the 3rd challenge hosted at the GirlXOXO site.   It is based on selecting titles that contain one of the monthly key words or some close variation on that word.  It is open for interpretation.

JANUARY – End, Princess, Dance, Midnight, Court, Why, Winter, Story  

    FEBRUARY – Over, Edge, Rain, Blade, Red, Come, None, Glass

    MARCH – Dear, Ink, Mercy, Fly, Lost, Never, Match, True

    APRIL – Last, Watch, Save, Girl, Sun, Tell, Garden, Tomorrow

  1. READ Hearse and Gardens by Kathleen Bridge
  2. Blog Post and Goodreads Review 5/1/21
  3. MAY – Away, Wait, Book, Raven, Lake, Angel, Nine, Island

    JUNE – Beneath, Crown, Sing, Rule, Earth, Find, Happen, Cruel    

    JULY – Ever, Shine, Gone, Search, Wood, Under, Road, Like

    AUGUST – One, Secret, Will, Tree, Blue, You, Flame, Thousand

    SEPTEMBER – Country, House, Top, Man, Wild, Sweet, Once, Wake

    OCTOBER – Fear, Night, Silent, Wicked, Hidden, Bones, Lied, Ghost

    NOVEMBER – Again, Loud, Star, Stay, Air, When, Since, Race

    DECEMBER – Cold, Room, Life, Bell, Kiss, Dream, Until, Drink

    Monthly Motif #MonthlyMotifGXO


    I am again going to try to complete the monthly motif challenge hosted by Kim and Tanya at GirlXOXO.    You try to read a book each month that fits into the chosen motif of the month

    JANUARY-  Once Upon A Time. Read a book from the Fantasy, Fairytale, Mythology, or Folklore Sub Genres.

    FEBRUARY- Laughter and Love. Read a relationship story, romance, comedy, or feel good contemporary.

    MARCH- Countries and Cultures. Read a book set in a country, or about a culture, that’s different than your own and that you’d like to learn more about.


    APRIL- Books on the Menu. Read a book that features food, restaurants, cafes, cooking, or baking, on the cover or in the story. 

    MAY- Magnificent Middle Grade. Read a Middle Grade book – a book that is marketed toward ages 8-14.

    IDEA: D: A Tale of Two Worlds

     JUNE- The Great Outdoors. Read a book featuring a garden, nature, country, or harvest setting or plot. 

    JULY- Short But Fabulous. Read a novella, comic, graphic novel, manga, or short book of poetry. 

    IDEA: The Very Best of Robert Service

    AUGUST- Bag of Tricks. Read a book featuring any kind of magic, illusion, super powers, or enchantments.

    IDEA: Binti (Binti, #1)

    SEPTEMBER- Back to School. Read a book with a school setting, featuring a student or educator OR read a book to educate yourself on a topic you’re interested in learning more about.

      OCTOBER- Lurking in the Shadows. Read a book that has a gray, black, and/or white cover OR a book that shows a shadow on the cover. 

      NOVEMBER- In the Library with the Candlestick. Read a mystery- cozy, detective, spies, true crime, whodunnit, or the like.

      DECEMBER- That’s History. Read a historical fiction book or a book about a true historical event.

      Saturday, November 28, 2020

      Monthly Award Challenge #AwardReadingChallenge

       Once again I am going to try to do the monthly award challenge hosted at GirlXOXO.    I made most of the months last year so I am going to try to get all 12 in 2021.  

      Jan IDEA: The 7½ Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle by Stuart Turton Costa Book Award for First Novel (2018),

      Feb IDEA: Salt to the Sea by Ruta Sepetys   won  California Young Readers Medal for Young Adult (2018)


      Apr IDEA:  Becoming Mrs. Lewis: The Improbable Love Story of Joy Davidman and C. S. Lewis by Patti Callahan  won 2020 Alabama Fiction Award

      May IDEA:  TBD 

      Jun IDEA:  Cinder (The Lunar Chronicles, #1)  by Marissa Meyer won Golden Duck Award 2013

      Jul IDEA:  The Hate U Give (The Hate U Give, #1) by Angie Thomas Walden Award in 2018


      • READ:  Binti by Nnedi Okorafor  Hugo winner 2016

      Sep IDEA:  Big Little Lies by Lianne Moriarty  Davitt 2015

      Oct IDEA:  A Brief History of Seven Killings by Marlon James won Booker 2015

      Nov IDEA:  TBD

      Dec IDEA:  Goodreads winner TBD

      Memoir Challenge 2021


      This one is hosted by Jamie at Whatever I Think Of.  

      It's back, once again using a checklist. Some categories have been changed, however. To participate, you must read a minimum of five memoirs from any of the categories listed. One book can only count for one category. Re-reads are acceptable. You do not need a blog to participate. All book formats count. 

      Need some reading ideas? Here are some lists to get ideas for reading:

        Here are the categories:

        1. _ Mental Illness Memoir
        2. _ Other Illness Memoir
        3. _ Political Memoir
        4. _ Food Memoir
        5. _ Animal Memoir
        6. _ Music Memoir
        7. _ Travel Memoir
        8. _ Written by a person of color
        9.  _ Written by a woman  
        10. _ Written by a person who identifies as LGBTQIA
        11. _ Written by an actor or a comedian
        12. _ Written by an author or journalist
        13. _ Written by any other celebrity
        14.  √ Written by someone under 40  
        15.  Written by someone over 40
        16.  Written by someone from a country different from your own
        17. _ One you find thought-provoking
        18. _ Made into a movie
        19. _ Graphic Novel memoir
        20. _ Bestselling memoir
        21. _ Humorous memoir
        22. _ Fictional memoir
        23. _ Won an Award
        24. _ Published in 2021
        25. _ Published in 2020 or earlier
        26. _ Under 300 pages
        27. _ Over 300 pages
        28. _ One you want to re-read
        29. _ On a favorite subject
        30. _ By a favorite celebrity
        31. _ Free choice
        32. _ Free choice
        33. _ Free choice

        Alphabet fun

        A to Z Tracking 

        Once again I plan to participate in 2 A-Z tracking challenges for Titles and the one for Authors as well.  I will track them both on this combined tracking page.  

        First up is the A to Z challenge hosted by Crystal and Megan at Bookstacksngoldenmom  They also have monthly side challenges  Use #2021AtoZReadingChallenge on instagram

        • JANUARY – A book you purchased in 2020 but didn’t read
        • FEBRUARY – A book with non-romantic love (siblings, parent-child, friendships)
        • MARCH – A book written by a person of a different race than you
        • APRIL – A book with an Autistic main character (April is Autism Awareness)
        • MAY – A book about a nurse (Nat. Nurses Week 2021 is May 6-12)
        • JUNE – A co-written book (2 authors)
        • JULY – A Christmas book (Christmas in July!)
        • AUGUST – A book by an Indie author (self-published or independent)
        • SEPTEMBER – A memoir/biography
        • OCTOBER – A book written by a new-to-you author
        • NOVEMBER – A book outside your normal genre
        • DECEMBER – A backlist title (published BEFORE Jan 1, 2021)

        The other title and author based challenges are hosted by Dolly at EscapewithDollyCas   These are Alphabet Soup and Author Alphabet Soup.  

        Read books starting with A to Z.  For the tougher letters (Q, X and Z)  you can count if they fall anywhere in the title. Exclude "the", "a" or "an" from beginning of title when assigning letters

        •  Books can be from any Genre.  
        • Use #AlphabetSoupChallenge or #AlphabetSoupAuthorChallenge on social media
        • All formats of books acceptable
        • Cross overs with other challenges permissible
        • Runs Jan 1- Dec 31
        • Authors-  First, Middle or Last name counts