Friday, July 23, 2021

Death on the Menu

 Death on the Menu

Death on the Menu by Lucy Burdette
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This book continues the amazing series set in Key West. This book focuses on the relationship between Key West and Cuba. The food and culture were represented in the storyline. The history of the refugees was included in the storyline as was the 2 sides to the opinions about opening relationships between the US and Cuba. I appreciated that both sides were explained and Burdette acknowledged this is a very difficult involved issue
As always there is a bit of the Ket West charm and culture included and this book focused on more of the historical aspects not just Cuba but the Truman Little White House and Hemingway. It was fun to read about more than just the culture and eclectic nature of the community.
The mystery was well structured and definitely had a surprise ending although I did figure out a piece of the where from some discussions in the story. The Who was a bit of a shock for sure

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Challenge Prompts

The Challenge Prompts I will use this for are:  

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  10. Beachcomber Challenge  
    • Crime Scenes 
      • Row 5
        • Garden, park, gazebo
    • Weapons
      • Row 4
        • Dagger
    • Detectives- Hayley
    • Victims- Gabriel
  11. Six Shooter Challenge  Target #8  Shot #8

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