Saturday, January 15, 2022

Beat the Backlist 2022



 I am going to do this prompt based challenge again in 2022. It is hosted by Austine and Katie on Novelknight blog.   You don't have to own the book and can borrow etc.   There is a 24 or 52 prompt list.  They have created a bingo card or a regular checklist for whichever format you prefer to track using.  

Prompts:  0/50 completed

My Selections:

  1. number in the title
  2. classic novel
  3. longer than 500 pages
  4. first in a series you've been putting off
  5. book featurting time travel
  6. indie or self published
  7. debut novel
  8. one word title
  9. everyone has read it but you
  10. set in the mountains
  11. a book about books
  12. mushroom on the cover
  13. non-fiction
  14. graphic novel, manga, or web comic
  15. book with chapter names
  16. about or inspired by a historical event
  17. discovered via social media
  18. novella
  19. picked by a celebrity book club
  20. murder, mystery or both
  21. new to you author
  22. 2+ people on the cover
  23. book written for an age group you don't belong to
  24. author has an active podcast or youtube channel
  25. set in space or on/in the ocean
  26. your favorite animal on the cover
  27. set on an island
  28. wolf' or 'star' in the title
  29. 6+ words in the title
  30. translated to your native language
  31. features royalty
  32. superheroes/villains OR character in disguise
  33. co-authored
  34. forgotten on your shelf or ereader
  35. story centered around a real or fictional holiday
  36. your favorite trope on the page
  37. reading for research, reference, or general interest
  38. women in the (fictional) sciences
  39. you watched the show or movie first
  40. book about siblings
  41. second or fourth book in a series
  42. title is an alliteration
  43. about food or food in the title
  44. involves family secrets
  45. a book in a genre you never/rarely read
  46. an unusual or unexpected pet
  47. protagonist has a profession that twists the truth
  48. author has a first, middle and last name on the cover (no initials)
  49. a book set in the season you read it in
  50. finish a series

Unruly Reader Bingo 2022


I had intended to do this challenge last year but just failed to track etc. It is hosted on the Unruly Reader Blog.   I am excited to try again this year.   It is a basic bingo card where you try to get a bingo or go for blackout.   There are some explanations of the topics but you can interpret as you see fit.

My Selections:

completed prompts  0/25

  1. timely title
  2. nyt best seller
  3. news
  4. fleeting fancy
  5. seasonal
  6. librarian recommended
  7. positive psychology
  8. subculture
  9. afro futurism
  10. native american author
  11. 1 syllable author surname
  12. coming of age
  13. free choice
  14. period piece
  15. 1980s classic
  16. wanderlust
  17. fast
  18. slow
  19. time capsule
  20. a play
  21. ability diverse
  22. immersion
  23. one hit wonder
  24. vintage
  25. biography

Friday, January 14, 2022

Pick Your Poison 2022

  In my utmost attempt at insanity, I have decided to stick with another challenge that was interesting last year.  The Pick your Poison challenge is hosted on the gregoryroad blog.

 This one has you set a goal of how many prompts from each category you attempt.  It runs from 13 to 104 prompts.  I believe I will go for the 52 choice- 52 Pickup this year and see if I cannot complete them with books overlapping other challenges.  Here's all the details for you to check it out on your own here.  

I am attempting 52 Pickup  2 prompt from each topic

Progress  0/52 books

0/26 topics

Cozy mysteries 2022

 Cozy Mysteries Instagram Challenge

This is a challenge focused on cozy mysteries that is based at an Instagram account cozychallenges.  It is also hosted on facebook 


Books 0/20

  1. Independent or self published author
  2. From an author's backlist
  3. Sleuth who is over 60
  4. A Golden Age mystery
  5. Made into a movie or tv show
  6. with a setting or plot related to Britain or the British Monarchy
  7. recommended by an online guide, book blogger, book club or 
  8. you've owned for a year or more but haven't read
  9. set in a city or country that has hosted the Olympics
  10. next cozy in a series from one of CMRC's 2021 book chat selections
  11. involving travel
  12. first cozy in a series you haven't read
  13. with an animal in the title
  14. about or relating to the medical field
  15. cozy author who is new to you
  16. bright colors on the cover
  17. at least a 4 star rating on Goodreads
  18. by an AAPI author
  19. with a male protagonist or sleuth
  20. with murder or death in the title
Bonus prompts
  1. 3 cozies by the same author
  2. published 30 years ago
  3. 5 cozies each with a cover or spine representing one of the colors of the Olympic rings

Linz the Book worm challenge 22


Level 1: Book of the Month Club

1 Read a book under $5

2 Read a book that is under 350 pages

3 Read a book that was recommended to you

4 Read a newly published book (within a year)

5 Read a book that has a type of plant or flower in the title

6 Read a book because of the cover

7 Read a book about a mythical creature.

8 Read a book that takes place in the future

9 Read a book by an author that's new to you

10 Read a book from NPR's top 50 Sci-Fi and Fantasy Books of the past decade:

11 A book by an author whose first or last name has 5 letters

12 Free Space! (Pick any book)

Level 2: Casual Reader Club

13 Read a book published 5 years ago

14 Read a Speculative Fiction

15 Read the first book in a duology

16 Read the second book in a duology

17 A book that was published when you were 5 years old

18 Read a book by an author named Alex, Alexander, Alexandra (or variant)

19 Read a book about Zombies

20 Read a book with a black cover

21 Read a book from's list of 100 (fiction) books to read in a lifetime:

22 Read a book with the word City in the title

23 Read a book about a musician (non-fiction or fiction)

24 Free Space! (Pick any book)

Level 3: Dedicated Reader Club

25 A book with a title that has 5 letters

26 Read a book published by Macmillan (or subsidiary)

27 Read a book with a title that doesn't start with an article (A, An, The)

28 Read a book you recently acquired

29 Read a book that's been on your TBR for over a year

30 Read a Revenge Story

31 Read a book by Philippa Gregory

32 Read a book that takes place on an island

33 Read a book that does not have a person (or people) on the cover

34 A book that you intended to read on last year's challenge

35 Read a Psychological Thriller

36 Free Space! (Pick any book)

Level 4: Speed Reader Club

37 Read a book over 500 pages

38 Read a book that starts with the letter Z (or has Z in the title)

39 Read a book that takes place around your favorite holiday

40 A book with 5 objects on the cover

41 Read a book with the word Wisdom in the title

42 Read a Dystopian

43 Read a book by an author with the same name as one of your parents (Biological, Step, Adopted)

44 Read a book that a movie/show you've watched is based on but have yet to read (example: Watched The Hobbit, but never read the Hobbit)

45 Read a book about a Saint (non-Fiction or Fiction)

46 Read any book from the Men's Health most popular book list 

47 Read a book published in a year that was important to you

48 Free Space! (Pick any book)

Level 5: Overachiever Club

49 Read the 5th book in a series or an author's 5th novel

50 Read a True Crime book

51 Read a book by Georges Simenon (or one of his Pen Names)

52 A book with the number 5 in the title

53 Read a book that takes place in Russia

54 Read a book by an author using initials as part of their name

55 Read a book that has a title in the form of a question

56 Read a banned book from this banned book list

57 A book with at least 5 prominent characters

58 Read a book that Linz read previously

59 Read a book that Tress read previously

60 Free Space! (Pick any book)

Nerd Daily 2022

A return on a new one from last year.  The  2022 hosted by the Nerd Daily blog.   


My Selections

Completed 0/52 books

  1. book with a red spine
  2. debut author
  3. bookstore recommendation
  4. title starts with "f" or "s"
  5. mystery or middle grade
  6. NYT bestseller
  7. set in summer
  8. bought based on cover
  9. an anthology
  10. recommended by  family/friend
  11. part of a series
  12. 2022 movie adaptation
  13. reviewed by nerd daily in 2022
  14. author starting with "r"
  15. a retelling
  16. YA or SciFi
  17. released in Feb 2022
  18. under 350 pages
  19. four word title
  20. fantasy or romance
  21. a book you never finished
  22. purple on the cover
  23. reread
  24. reommended on social media
  25. protagonist starts with "b"
  26. standalone
  27. 2022 tv adaptation
  28. an author new to you
  29. released in july 2022
  30. #ownvoices author
  31. a questionable cover
  32. author starting with "g"
  33. a book gifted to you
  34. protagonist starts with "i"
  35. in your tbr pile
  36. non fiction or audiobook
  37. #booktok recommendation
  38. published in your birthday month
  39. setting where you'd rather be
  40. written by your fave author
  41. features a journey
  42. start a new series
  43. number in the title
  44. released before you were born
  45. picked at random
  46. quoted by an author you like
  47. illustrated cover
  48. one word title
  49. bought on holidays
  50. book with a blue spine
  51. mutliple perspectives
  52. bipoc author

What's in a Name challenge 2022

 Andrea at Carolina Book Nook is hosting a prompt based challenge that’s all about Titles

You can sign up at any point on the Linky on the page but only count books read between  
Jan 1 and Dec 31, 2022.  Creativity to apply a book to the prompt is encouraged but only count a book for 1 prompt.  

Andrea’s site has links for reviews for each category so please be sure to go back and link your book reviews as you work through the challenge.

My selections