Monday, November 29, 2021

Library Love 2022


 Library Love Challenge


I am going to participate in this challenge gain in 2022.    It is being hosted at Angel's Guilty Pleasures and Books of My Heart.     They are doing monthly challenges and giveaways if you review the books you read.   Check out the sign up by clicking here or on the logo below.  They have a Goodreads group to join and see what everyone is reading.

This one has a minimum of 12 books from the Library to be read in 2022.  The only requirement is you check it out from the library, no restrictions on format or genre.   Just support your local library.

I get most of my books from my TBR pile or the Library so this challenge along with the TBR ones are perfect for me.  I admit I do not buy books very often if I can find them at the library or in their ebook catalog.  I do have a Kindle Unlimited account which I use for additional titles.  

For a full list of challenges I found for 2022 see this blog entry.

The levels available to set your target are:

  • Dewey Decimal: Read 12 books
  • Thrifty Reader: Read 24 books
  • Overdrive Junkie: Read 36 books
  • Library Addict: Read 48 books
  • Library Card on Fire: Read 60+ books   <== My Goal for 2022

Library Books read in 2022:

0/60 Books

Book List Queen

I will again attempt this challenge hosted by Rachel on her BookListQueen blog.   Although the prompts are organized by month they can be read in any order.




Completed Prompts:  0 /52

1. By an Author You Love

2. Goodreads Winner in 2021

3. Book Becoming Movie in 2022

4. Book with a Twist

5. Speculative Fiction

6. With a Bird on the Cover

7. About a Difficult Choice

8. Published in 2012

9. With a Name in the Title

10. By a Local Author

11. Discussion-Worthy Book Club Book

12. 2021 Bestseller

13. Genre You Don’t Usually Read

14. Shakespearean Play

15. With a Two Word Title

16. About a Muslim Protagonist

17. Set in the 1980s

18. Asian American & Pacific Islander Author

19. Bottom of Your To-Read List

20. Literary Fiction

21. Recommended on Instagram

22. LBGTQ+ Book

23. A Book Everyone is Talking About

24. Pulitzer Prize Winner

25. With a Blue Cover

 26. Author Who Shares Your Initials

27. Epic Adventure

28. A Guilty Pleasure Read

29. An Audiobook

30. Catchy Title

31. About Nature

32. Two Books by the Same Author

33. Two Books by the Same Author

 34. YA Fantasy

35. Purchased at a Bookstore

36. Family Drama

37. Classic You’ve Avoided

38. Set in Africa

39. Recommended by a Librarian

40. By a British Author

41. Reread a Favorite

42. Under 300 Pages

43. Spooky Read

44. Nonfiction Bestseller

45. A Book About Life

46. Reese Witherspoon Book Club Pick

47. Makes You Laugh

48. Historical Novel

49. A 2022 New Release

50. Inspiring Memoir

51. Cozy Mystery

52. You Own But Haven’t Read

Sunday, November 28, 2021

Uncorked Reader

 This is my second year doing this challenge at Uncorked Librarian  It is a monthly prompt based challenge with bonus prompts each month.  They are very good about providing lists for ideas for the prompt.  


January’s Reading Challenge Theme: Time Travel Books

  • My Idea:  

January Uncorked Readers Bonus Challenge: Books we love but critics don’t

Reading List: Best Books For Time Travel Lovers

February’s Reading Challenge Theme: Books set in or about South Africa

  • My Idea:  

February Bonus Challenge: Books from your hometown, state, country, or where your ancestors are from

Reading Lists: Best Books About South Africa & Books Around The World

March’s Reading Challenge Theme: Wine books/Books set on a vineyard

  • My Idea:  

March Bonus Challenge: Books with your favorite color in the title

Reading Lists: Best Books About Wine & Books Set On Vineyards

April’s Reading Challenge Theme: Baltic books (Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia)

  • My Idea:  

April Bonus Challenge: Books with your favorite foods

Reading List: Baltic Books To Love

May’s Reading Challenge: Hiking books

  • My Idea:  

May Bonus Challenge: Books by an author you think you don’t like but have never actually read

June’s Reading Challenge Theme: Books about or set in Mexico

  • My Idea:  

June Bonus Challenge: Books by indigenous authors from a continent other than your own

June’s Reading Lists: Best Books About & Set In Mexico

Extra Fun: Top Mexican Films To Teach You More & Take You There

July’s Reading Challenge: Dark academia books (usually set at a prestigious university or boarding school)

  • My Idea:  

July Bonus Challenge: Books where you next want to travel

Reading Lists: Books About The World and Books Set On Islands

Extra Fun: Movies Across The Globe

August’s Reading Challenge Theme: Books set in or about Australia

  • My Idea:  

August Bonus Challenge: Books that have been sitting in your TBR (to be read) pile for ages

Reading List: Best Australian Books

September’s Reading Challenge Theme – Road Trip Books

  • My Idea:  

September Bonus Challenge: Books published in the decade or year you were born

October’s Reading Challenge Theme: Books set somewhere haunted

  • My Idea:  

October Bonus Challenge: Books from a nearby Free Little Library, library sale, or you received as a gift

Starter Book List: Seriously Spooky Books

November’s Reading Challenge: Books about or set in Thailand

  • My Idea:  

November Bonus Challenge: Book about an inspiring career change that interests you

December’s Reading Challenge: Books set in or about Ecuador

  • My Idea:  

December Bonus Challenge: Books set in an environment you’ve never experienced (i.e. jungle, desert, mountain, deserted island, volcanic area)

December’s Reading List: Books About Ecuador To Teach You More

Extra Fun: Ecuador-Set Movies To Watch (coming soon)

Calendar of Crime #CalendarOfCrime2022


 I will be doing this challenge again this year.   It is hosted by Bev at MyReadersBlock.   

This is a challenge I will fit books in as I read them rather than pre select the books.  There is a link up to post reviews each month and a summary wrap up is do at the end of the year.

Books I've read

  • Jan

  • Feb

  • Mar

  • Apr

  • May

  • June

  • July

  • Aug

  • Sept

  • Oct

  • Nov

  • Dec

Clear the Reading Piles

 Once again I am doing several challenges to help clear the ever growing TBR pile.  For a full list of challenges I found for 2022 see this blog entry.

Some of the TBR challenges refer to physical books I own and others have to do with clearing the list of Want to Read and Library borrows that I am always seeming to add to as well.  

First up are 2 hosted by Bev on her MyReadersBlock blog.  

Mount TBR-   #MountTBR2022  books you already own before 1/1/21

 Challenge Levels:

Pike's Peak: Read 12 books from your TBR pile/s-  <== Trying this
Mount Blanc: Read 24 books from your TBR pile/s
Mt. Vancouver: Read 36 books from your TBR pile/s
Mt. Ararat: Read 48 books from your TBR pile/s
Mt. Kilimanjaro: Read 60 books from your TBR pile/s
El Toro*: Read 75 books from your TBR pile/s (*aka Cerro El Toro in South America)
Mt. Everest: Read 100 books from your TBR pile/s
Mount Olympus (Mars): Read 150+ books from your TBR pile/s

The Rules:
*Once you choose your challenge level, you are locked in for at least that many books. You are welcome to voyage further and conquer taller mountains after your commitment is met. 

*Books must be owned by you prior to January 1, 2022

*Audiobooks and E-books may count provided they are yours prior to January 1. ARCs are also fine.

Virtual Mount TBR-  #VirtualMountTBR2022 Clear your want to read list

 Challenge levels:
Mount Rum Doodle: Read 12 books from your Virtual TBR/Wish List/Library
Mount Crumpit: Read 24 books from your Virtual TBR/Wish List/Library
Mount Munch: Read 36 books from your Virtual TBR/Wish List/Library  

White Plume Mountain: Read 48 books from your Virtual TBR/Wish List/Library<== Trying this
Stormness Head: Read 60 books from you Virtual TBR/Wish List Library
Mount Mindolluin: Read 75 books from your Virtual TBR/Wish List/Library
Mount Seleya: Read 100 books 
Mount Olympus: Read 150+ books 

~Once you choose your challenge level you are locked in for at least that many books. If you find you are on a mountain-climbing roll and want to tackle a taller mountain, then you are welcome to upgrade. All books counted for lower mountains carry over towards the new peak.

This challenge is only for books you do not own. They may be borrowed from the library, a friend, found on a free e-book site (like Project Gutenberg), or anywhere else that allows you to temporarily "checkout" the book. Also--unlike Mount TBR--there is no date limit on your wish list. If you see a book that strikes your fancy after January 1 and want to grab it from the library, etc. then go for it.

  This is a straightforward challenge to just track books that are on your to read list- whether or not you actually own them.  Only requirement is that it must be published before 2021 and be on your list at the beginning of the challenge.   

Color Coded 22

  Another straightforward challenge that involves picking books based on either their title or the cover.  It is hosted by Bev on MyReadersBlock blog.  

For a full list of challenges I found for 2022 see this blog entry.

1. Read book with "Blue" (or a shade of blue):   

    2.  Read a book with "Red" (or a shade of red):

    3.Read a book with "Yellow" (or a shade of yellow):  

    4.Read a book with "Green" (or a shade of green):


    . Read a book with "Brown" (or a shade of brown):

    6.  Read a book with "Black" (or a shade of black):

     Read a book with "White" (or a shade of white):

      Read a book with any other color:

    9.Read a book a word/image that implies color (rainbow, polka dot, etc)

    A to Z reading


    A to Z Tracking 

    Once again I plan to participate in 2 A-Z tracking challenges for Titles and the one for Authors as well.  I will track them both on this combined tracking page.  

    First up is the A to Z challenge hosted by Crystal and Megan at Bookstacksngoldenmom  They also have monthly side challenges  Use #atozreadingchallenge

     on instagram

    • still waiting to see if this happens again.

    The other title and author based challenges are hosted by Dolly at EscapewithDollyCas   These are Alphabet Soup and Author Alphabet Soup.  

    Read books starting with A to Z.  For the tougher letters (Q, X and Z)  you can count if they fall anywhere in the title. Exclude "the", "a" or "an" from beginning of title when assigning letters

    •  Books can be from any Genre.  
    • Use #AlphabetSoupChallenge or #AlphabetSoupAuthorChallenge on social media
    • All formats of books acceptable
    • Cross overs with other challenges permissible
    • Runs Jan 1- Dec 31
    • Authors-  First, Middle or Last name counts  

    Armchair Travel Challenges

     There are several challenges based upon reading books based in different locations.  The primary challenge I participate in is the Literary Escapes Challenge #LiteraryEscapes hosted by DollyCas.   This intends for readers to read a book set in all 50 states plus DC and track other countries as well.   Sign up here

    On Goodreads there is the Around the World in 80 books which has both US Roadtrip and Global challenges.   The idea being to diversify where your books are set.   There is a perpetual Global one that goes by Circumnavigation.  My global tracker for 2021 was Frequent Flyer which meant I could read any books in any order after starting with a US based book.  There are harder and easier challenges within this global option as well. They also host some prompt based challenges called Magic Squares.  Many of these prompts are different from most of the other challenges.  

    My Circumnavigation tracker   At this point I have travelled to all 9 regions and 

    Frequent Flyer 2021 

    Here is my US Roadtrip for 2021  

     For a full list of challenges I found for 2022 see this blog entry.

    My book passport in 2022

    States Visited so Far: 0/51
    Additional Countries: 0


    Delaware IDEA: the unbearable book club for unsinkable girls by Julie Schumacher / Hope Never Dies
     District of Columbia  
    Iowa IDEA:  Merit Badge Murder (Merry Wrath, #1)
    Kansas IDEA:  Gluten for Punishment (A Baker's Treat, #1)
    Nebraska IDEA: Death by Dissertation
    Nevada  IDEA:  A Disguise to Die For (Costume Shop Mystery, #1)
    New Hampshire  
    New Jersey 
    New Mexico IDEACinco de Mayhem
    New York 
    North Carolina  
    North Dakota IDEA: The Night Watchman
    Oregon IDEA: Kelly's Koffee Shop
    Rhode Island  
    S Carolina  
    South Dakota  IDEA: Nearly Departed in Deadwood


    West Virginia  
     Wyoming  IDEA: Sign Off

    Cozies and Mysteries Galore


    Mysteries and Thrillers

    There are several challenges that track how many mysteries, thrillers and cozies you read in a given year.  

    Cloak and Dagger  #CloakDaggerChal

    The first mystery based genre challenge I will do again this year is the Cloak and Dagger challenge

     It is hosted by  Carol on her CarolsNotebook blog.  This tallying includes cozy mysteries but also traditional mysteries, thrillers and suspense novels.  Basically anything with a mystery can be tracked at this challenge


    •  5-15 books – Amateur sleuth
    • 16-25 books – Detective- 
    • 26-35 books – Inspector
    • 36 – 55 – Special agent 
    • 56+ books – Sherlock Holmes  My Choice

    Cruising Through the Cozies

     I am definitely going to participate in this challenge again this year.  Hosted by Yvonne at Socrates Book Reviews.  I enjoyed trying to find cozies that fit into different categories this year.  It added an extra bit of interest to my already busy cozy reading schedule.   Cozies are definitely my go to read when I am looking to escape into a book without having to focus too hard. 

    The levels of the challenge are as follows:

    Level one (Snoop) -
    A) Read 10 cozy mysteries of your choice.
    B) Read one book in each of the above cozy sub-genres (total of 10 books)

    Level two (Investigator) -  
    A) Read 20 cozy mysteries of your choice.
    B) Read all the books in level one plus an additional 10 cozy books of your choice (total of 20)

    Level three (Super Sleuth) - 
    A) Read 30 cozy mysteries of your choice.
    B) Read two books from each sub-genre in level one plus an additional 10 cozy books of your choice (total of 30 books)

    Level four (Sleuth Extraordinaire) -  Going for this in B
    A)Read 40 cozy mysteries of your choice.
    B)Read two books from each sub-genre in level one plus an additional 20 cozy books of your choice (total of 40 books)

    So pick up a cozy and get reading.

    - One from culinary (anything dealing with food: restaurants, baked goods, etc.)

    - One from animal related (cats, dogs, birds, etc.)

    - One from craft related (any kind of hobbies - knitting, crocheting, scrapbooking, etc.)

    - One from paranormal (witches, vampires, etc.)

    - One from cozy mysteries based outside the US (example: Belinda Lawrence series (British))

    - One career-based cozy mystery (housekeeping, wedding planner, etc.)

    - One holiday based (set during any holiday - Christmas, Thanksgiving, Valentines, etc.)

    - One travel mystery (character could be on a cruise, touring another area, etc.)

    - One historical mystery (any mystery not set in the present)

    - One is your choice! (freebie!)