Saturday, April 17, 2021

Scam Chowder

 It had been a while and quite a few cozies since I had last read a 5 ingredient mystery by Maya Corrigan.  I forgot how enjoyable it was to read about Val Deniston and her grandfather.  This is the second in the series and I plan to continue with the series for sure.  Corrigan does a wonderful job of mixing the characters in the story as members of the senior group and twenty somethings.  Her depiction of the interactions between Val and her grandfather are well written. The characters in the story are very engaging and center around these 2 and their individual circles of friends which overlap at times.

Corrigan shows the struggle between being respectful of one's elder while still trying to help look out for them.  Their living situation is further tested by the fact that Grandad is trying to portray himself as the creator of the recipes and meals that are really Val's doing.   The cooking and food plays a role in the storyline for sure but isn't necessarily as prominent as it is in other cozies such as the Hannah Swensen series.  

As with many cozies there is the inevitable relationship drama and angst as both Val and Grandad struggle with finding their way in new relationships.  Being caught in a murder investigation and struggling to keep your job doesn't make things any easier.

I like the characters and the slightly different take on who is at the center of the stories.  I find it refreshing that there are characters from multiple generations represented and given equal attention.  I plan to continue with this series.  

Scam ChowderScam Chowder by Maya Corrigan
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

An enjoyable cozy centered around Val Deniston and her somewhat cantakerous Grandpa. This time in the attempt to convince everyone that he is the Codger Cook Grandpa finds himself hosting a fatal dinner party. But who poisoned the victim and why? Val gets embroiled in the drama while trying to convince the police her grandfather is innocent. Meanwhile her romantic life seems to be fizzling and her interest's ex fiance is in town trying to win him back- quite deviously. The characters are a fun mix with some crazy moments. I enjoy the mix of young characters and their interactions with the older characters, many of whom are residents at the Village retirement complex. The book develops the relationship between Val and her grandfather and shows the struggles to be supportive while living with members of a different generation. Characters are well written as is the mystery. I found the guilty party to be somewhat surprising.

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Challenge Prompts

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  11. Medical Examiner Challenge  Toe Tags
  12. Beachcomber Challenge  
    • Weapons
      • Row 1 
        • Poison, poisoned food
      • Row 2 
        • Hand gun
    • Detectives- Val Denison/Grandad
    • Victims- Scott/Mary Lou
  13. Six Shooter Challenge  Target #59  Shot #1

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