Sunday, March 21, 2021

Death of an Irish Diva

 This is the 3rd book in the Cumberland Creek series by Mollie Cox Bryan.   I started this series because it is based around my other passion, scrapbooking.   I enjoy the books and the way they intermix the scrapbooking into the storylines.  All 3 have had a substory involving a scrapbook/memory album that plays a role in learning more about a character- a victim, a suspect etc.  

This particular cozy just didn't thrill me for some reason.  I think it was a combination of the necessity to remember past storyline components and also the writing.  This book seemed to really jump around to me and it wasn't always easy to tell where in time the actions was at the moment.  Also, the flow between character points of view felt forced at times, almost like one abruptly left off and the other began without any real transition.  

The second piece of the book that I didn't care for was the fact you needed to recall much of past events.   There is a bit of a recurring storyline in the book which often happens in series.  For some reason though this one felt like you needed to remember too much of the past storyline without actually catching the reader up.  Eventually I remembered enough and the story filled in some pieces but it was confusing until that happened.

 I think this series may be better read closer together rather than spaced apart which is often how I read my cozy mysteries.   I guess I better read the other books I have from the library sooner rather than later.

Death of an Irish DivaDeath of an Irish Diva by Mollie Cox Bryan
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This book wasn't my favorite cozy I've read this year. The storyline is a good mystery but the issue is much of it is a carryover from the previous books in the series. I have read them but don't remember all of the details. This plot seemed to require a substantial amount of recall to make the story flow. I think this series might be best read in order in a consecutive process rather than over time. I also found the story to feel as though it was jumping around quite a bit. I wasn't always sure how much time had elapsed between the previous scenes and the current one. The only real indication was the weekly crop meetings the friends had. The book did a nice job of intertwining scrapbooking terms and ideas into the story without being too distracting. I enjoyed how the different books have had storylines including scrapbooks that have been previously created that fit into the mystery even if only peripherally.
I will continue to read this series especially now that I realize it might be better to read them closer together.

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