Thursday, April 29, 2021

Better Homes and Corpses

 I found this fun cozy mystery while searching the library site for a new audiobook to listen to.  This series by Kathleen Bridge is set in the Hamptons in New York.  It is full of descriptions about the towns of East Hampton, Montauk and other summer playgrounds of the wealthy of NYC.  Anyone who can afford it flees the city in the summer.  Young professionals do house shares where 8-10 or more will split the cost of a rental.  Think giant party all summer long.  I was about to do my first share when we were asked to move to Chicago.   Probably saved me a ton of money and a lot of hangovers.  It was such a contrast when we moved to Chicago and it's a city that people flocked to on the weekends.  Favorite pastimes are summer games at Wrigley field, hanging out on the beaches on Lake Michigan and just generally lounging over brunch or drinks at an outdoor patio.  One of the many contrasts between 2 of the largest cities in the country.  

This book doesn't focus on the summer shares though.  It is about year round resident Meg and her friend El who find themselves mixed up in an insurance inventory of the estate of the Queen of the Hamptons who just happens to be the mother of Meg's college roommate.

The book is full of characters that have multiple dimensions to them.  Some of them are very wealthy and others appear to be free loaders of various sorts.  The dynamics of the story are intriguing and the detecting Meg does is aided by her ability to read lips.  Bridge has created a strong protagonist who happens to be hearing impaired.  I love that Meg is portrayed with this being a strength rather than an disability.     This is just one of the characteristics of Meg that makes her such a likeable character.

The mystery itself is well written with plenty of side stories that keep the reader guessing whodunit until the very end.  It is a surprising ending but very believable and makes sense when you look back on the story.  I look forward to reading more in the series.  

Better Homes and CorpsesBetter Homes and Corpses by Kathleen Bridge
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

An enjoyable start to a series set in the Hamptons. A well written cozy with lots of actions me twists and turns. Meg and El dig through antiques and a mystery in the luxurious home. Lots of quirky and suspicious characters to keep the story going. Looking forward to reading more in the series

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