Tuesday, December 7, 2021

OWLS 2022

  •  This is the Harry Potter challenge hosted at HPOOTP Facebook page.  I want to be more actively involved in this page this year.  They do a wonderful job at the creative side of the challenge and there are lots of different categories and varieties of books selected by participants.   

For a full list of challenges I found for 2022 see this blog entry.

The instructions from their page:

The Ordinary Wizarding Levels (O.W.L.s) Reading Challenge
Each of the 12 classes have 5 prompts. You can decide which grades to go for in which classes and which classes you want to attempt an OWL in (receive a passing grade). Thus, you can build the challenge to the number of books you want to read! For example, you can choose to do only 1 subject and go for an O grade (5 books), or you could attempt to earn 3 passing grades in 3 subjects (9 books), or you can choose to go for all 12 subjects & all prompts (60 books) – or anywhere in between!
O.W.L. Grades are as follows:
Failing Grades:
Troll (T) : Start a prompt in a subject, but don’t finish any
Dreadful (D): Finish 1 prompt in a subject
Poor (P): Finish 2 prompts in a subject
*Passing Grades: *
Acceptable (A): Finish 3 prompts in a subject
Exceeds Expectations (E): Finish 4 prompts in a subject
Outstanding (O): Finish 5 prompts in a subject.
Prompts do NOT have to be completed in order. While the challenge is to read unique books for each prompt, this is your challenge and you can make the rules fit as you’d like. Any format of book (audiobook, physical book, ebook, comic, etc) counts–our rule of thumb is if you can mark it as ‘read’ on a book tracking site, it counts. Again, this is your challenge and you’re free to interpret the rules and prompts as you see fit.


Ancient Runes

Ancient Runes: A book in translation

Deathly Hallows: A book that has a symbol on the cover

Tales of Beedle the Bard: A fairytale retelling

Mistranslation: A book whose title is translated differently

Parseltongue: A book that contains a fictional language

Arithmancy completed

Arithmancy: A book with a number on the cover or in the title

Golden Trio: A book that’s a part of a series

    Hoggy Warty Hogwarts: A book that involves music

    Magical Numbers: A book that relates to a magical number (pi or pi(e), 7, 3, 13, etc)

    Mad Eye Moody: A book with multiple points of view

    Astronomy completed

    Astronomy: A book set in outer space

    Star Gazing: A book with a star on the cover or in the title

    Star Struck: A book about a celebrity

    Sirius Black: Includes a character with a celestial name  

    Telescope: A book you spotted on social media

    Care of Magical Creatures completed

    Care of Magical Creatures: Includes a magical creature

    Niffler: A book with a shiny cover

    Fantastic Beasts: A book with an animal on the cover

      Unicorn: Your most anticipated book of the year

      Monster Book of Monsters: A scary looking book

      Charms completed

      Charms: A book by a favorite author

      Cheering Charm: A funny or happy book

      Flitwick: A short book or book of short stories 

      Wingardium Leviosa: A book that contains a feather

      Time Turner: A book with dual timelines

      Defense Against the Dark Arts completed

      DADA: A book featuring good vs. evil

      Dark Arts: A book featuring dark magic

      Death Eaters: A book with a dark cover

      Magical Me: A book with an incompetent character

      Remus Lupin: A paranormal book

    1. Blog Post and Goodreads Review 1/4/22

    2. Divination completed

      Divination: A book set in the future

      Trelawney: A book featuring a prophecy 

      Star Chart: A book related to your zodiac sign

      Unfogging the Future: A mystery or thriller

      The Grim: Contains a death

      Herbology Completed
      Herbology: A book with a plant on the cover or in the title

      Pomona Sprout: Contains a character with a herbology related name

        Greenhouses: A book with a green cover

        Mandrake: A book that made you cry

        Neville Longbottom: Contains a character who is an underdog

        History of Magic completed

        History of Magic: A book that mentions a historical witch or wizard

        Harry Potter: A book that mentions Harry Potter

        Hogwarts, A History: A historical fiction

        Helena Ravenclaw: A novella or prequel

        Cuthbert Binns: A book you “slept” on

        Muggle Studies completed

        Muggle Studies: An own voices book

      1. Blog Post and Goodreads Review 1/2/22
      2. Flying Car: A book related to STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math)

        Hogwarts: A book set in a school

        Daily Prophet: A nonfiction book

        Rubber Duck: A book with a yellow cover

        Potions completed

        Potions: A book that includes poison

        Amortentia: A book that includes a romance

        Severus Snape: Turn to page 394 - A book with page 394.

        No Foolish Wand Waving: A book without magic

        Liquid Luck: Luck of the draw: choose a book randomly

        Transfiguration completed

        Transfiguration: A book to screen adaptation

        Animagus: Includes a shapeshifter

        Switching Spell: A book whose cover and dust jacket are different colors

        Minerva McGonagall: Contains a strong female character

          Vanishment Spell: A bestseller (that vanishes off the shelf!)

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