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Rum Raisin Revenge

 This is the second book in the series by Becca Bloom (Jennifer Joy).   The story leads us back to Ecuador and Jess' mishap adventures.  We find ourselves immersed in the nature and culture of Ecuador even more in this book.  It is hard not to imagine yourself riding the Swing at the End of the World with Jess. I decided to do a little research on this death defying ride and thought I'd share it.  

 Here's a bit more information on the Casa de Arbol and the swing. 

The book is a great read besides the adventures in the jungle that Jess and her hosts explore.  The character development and family interactions are wonderful in this book all set against a backdrop of a mystery that Jess inadvertently gets involved in again.  
My favorite part of the book though is the wonderful ending and how perfectly and seamlessly it sets up the future installment of the book.

I can highly recommend this series if you want a clean humorous cozy that includes lots of wonderful descriptions.

Rum Raisin RevengeRum Raisin Revenge by Jennifer Joy
My rating: 4 of 5 stars 

Tourist becomes detective in Ecuador

This second book in the series was a good balance between plot and descriptive prose. 
Jess finds herself mixed up in a mysterious death through a case of bad timing. Even as she tried to stay out of the investigation she gets drawn in. The mystery is full of speculation of who's guilty with several misdirects but in the end the story is wrapped up well and Bloom does a great job of clarifying the motive and how the crime was committed.
The murder mystery is only a small portion of what makes this book so enjoyable. Bloom does a masterful job of creating truly likeable and believable characters. The humor and family banter is well written. Even when they are annoying you feel the emotions and interactions between the characters. It is easy to envision being there in Ecuador with Jess.
The other aspect of the story is the descriptions of Ecuador and the scenery and culture there. It is definitely an armchair tourist book.
Even with all that I must say that my favorite part of the story Bloom ended the book. She puts a wonderful twist that is a perfect and heartwarming setup for the continuation of the series. It is well done and absolutely fits the storyline

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