Wednesday, September 30, 2020

An Ale of Two Cities


I really enjoyed reading this second installment in the Literary Pub Series by Sarah Fox.  This time we visit Shady Creek during the Winter Festival.  Fox does such a wonderful job of describing her characters and the scenery you cannot help but feel like you are right there with everyone in the small town.   The mystery has plenty of twists and turns and keeps you guess until the end.  Excited to read the third book in the series.

An Ale of Two CitiesAn Ale of Two Cities by Sarah Fox
My rating: 4 of 5 stars 

I enjoyed this next installment in the Literary Pub series. This one shows off Shady Creek's charm at Christmas time. Fox continues to develop her characters and to show off the charm of a small town life. The downside to the small town living is also shown when a prior resident comes back to town and everyone isn't necessarily thrilled to see him. Fox again leads us through a festival and some red herring misdirects while solving the mystery. Keeps you guessing til the end.

Looking forward to the next installment in the series

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Challenge Prompts

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