Monday, December 6, 2021

Lifetime of Reading


This is new challenge by the hosts of BookVoyage.  This one focuses on reading books that have characters ranging in different age groups.  They provide lists of book ideas to fit each month's prompt.  They are just inspiration though, not binding.  It sounded like an interesting challenge and I will see how it fits with the other book challenges, may not read the books in the exact months suggested but I think I can read books that cover these ranges.

Their post can be found here

January – Adult Fiction with a Child Protagonist (Under 12)
February – The Teenage Years (13-19)
March – Life in Your 20s
April – Life in Your 30s
May – Life in Your 40
June – Books that Follow the Main Character over Several Decades
July – Life in Your 50s
August – Life in Your 60s
September – Life in Your 70s
October – Life in Your 80s
November – Life in Your 90s + 100s
December – Books that Feature Characters from Different Generations

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