Saturday, February 27, 2021

Egg Shooters

 Another fun installment in the Cackleberry Club by Laura Childs.  I always enjoy reading this series by her, second only to her Carmela Bertrand Scrapbooking series.   This is the ninth installment in the series and there were a few twists from a typical book in the series.  This time Suzanne was involved in the primary crime as a witness so she is caught up in the case from the start.  There are definitely some plot twists involved and there are some parallel crime stories going along in this book.  

All in all it is an enjoyable series and I find it easy to get lost in the book for the day or two it takes to complete.  If you like reading about recipes and a trio of female business owners this is a great series to read.

Egg ShootersEgg Shooters by Laura Childs
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Always enjoyable to read this series based around the Cackleberry Club. The usual trail of crimes seems to find Suzanne. This time it's much closer to home when she is caught up in a hospital shooting. The relationships between Suzanne and Dr. Sam is developed a bit further in this installment as is her relationship with Toni and Petra, her business partners/friends.
The book does a wonderful job of mixing the mystery and its solution with the side plots of the Cackleberry Club and its meal and tea services. Anyone who likes charming books stores and cafes will like this series plus it's full of recipes for those who look to expand their recipe box.

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