Sunday, July 3, 2022

Don't Taco "Bout Murder

 My verdict is not quite set on this cozy mystery, Don't Taco 'Bout Murder.   While I loved Mona Marple's descriptions of the Dio De Los Muertos celebrations and other cultural highlights of Emily and Uncle Cornelius' visit to Mexico, there are aspects of the story that just bugged me.  I think Uncle Cornelius feels a bit too much like a con artist to me at times which makes it hard for me to like him.   Also, Emily transforms from a naïve and sheltered young woman into an emboldened one far too easily in the story.   

I originally selected this Kindle Unlimited book to meet a June reading prompt to read a book set in Mexico.  I am glad I found this series and will happily try the next book even if it won't be at the top of my to read pile for now.  If you like reading books set in different countries that describe culture and experiences then you will like this book.  May not be the best pick for readers looking for strong characters.

Don't Taco 'Bout MurderDon't Taco 'Bout Murder by Mona Marple
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

interesting cozy

I selected this book as I was looking for a story set in Mexico for a book challenge. This book definitely delivers on giving the reader a glimpse into the culture and traditions in Mexico I enjoyed that aspect very much. The mystery itself was very intriguing even if a bit predictable. I am just not sure what I think of the main characters though. Emily starts out as such an immature and unworldly young lady who suddenly has the gumption to stand up to a very brash bigger than life Texan. It didn’t feel realistic to me. I may try the next book in the series just to see how some plot lines go but not sure yet

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Challenge Prompts

The Challenge Prompts I will use this for are:  

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    • Crime Scene- lake
    • Weapon- drown
    • Detectives- Emily Monk
    • Victims- daniel lopez; francisco martinez; miguel sanchez 
  8. Six Shooter Challenge  Target #87  Shot #1

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