Friday, October 30, 2020

Winner Cake All

 This is the 3rd book in the Chef to Go series by Denise Swanson.  It is an enjoyable cozy series with a strong female character, Dani.  This installment centers around her growing relationship with Spencer and how their past bad relationships are impacting their current romance.  Both of their pasts are developed quite a bit in this story and seem like they provide realistic reasons for them to proceed cautiously.  The murder victim is found during a catering gig of Dani's and the resolution of that case is the central plot line.  The characters feel like they are real people and have realistic concerns and struggles.

I enjoyed the fact that Ms. Swanson lays out how Dani determined who the murderer was.  She goes through all the clues that lead her to determine who was guilty.  It was nice to see how the subtle clues were there for the reader to have picked up on but didn't necessarily.   

I hope we continue to get more books in this series.

Winner Cake AllWinner Cake All by Denise Swanson
My rating: 4 of 5 stars 

I enjoyed catching up with Dani and Spencer in this next book in the series. Reading about their growing relationship feels very realistic, like most people they struggle to find time for themselves. They both have been hurt by ex's in the past and this plays a role in their relationship as well as the story. The mystery was well laid out with several clues pointing to different people as being guilty. I like how Swanson ends up laying out exactly how Dani figured out who was guilty. It made it easier to follow how you could have determined it on your own. I hope there are more chef-to-go mysteries in the works. 

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