Monday, September 21, 2020

Disquiet at the Dive Shack

 This is the third book in the Dive Shack mystery series by Donna Amis Davis.  The beautiful Philippines continues to be the setting of the story.  This time the book focused on the B&B owned by Shelby's friend Jasmine and her husband, Winston.   It was a nice respite to not focus on the Sydney resort so much.  The author note at the end explained why based on how she evolved the storyline for this installment. 

We continued to get better acquainted with all the main characters in the story and  got a little more in depth views of Jasmine and Winston.  Marlena continues to charm everyone with her quirky over the top personality, especially as she prepares to celebrate a big event.  

We get a few glimpses at some budding romances as well as get a deeper look at Jesse and Shelby's relationship.  All these interactions and relationships seem very realistic  and relatable.   

I cannot wait for what I hope are many more installments in this series in beautiful Palawan.

Disquiet at the Dive ShackDisquiet at the Dive Shack by Donna Amis Davis
My rating: 4 of 5 stars 

This third book in the series was as good as the first 2. The twists and turns keep you from figuring out who is the guilty party until the very end. Davis continues to develop her main characters in this installment. This book focuses more on Shelby and Jesse as well as Marlena. There are some funny moments as always as you cannot help but smile at Marlena's personality. We also see a deeper side of Jesse and Shelby's relationship in this storyline. The supporting cast of the ladies isn't as prominent in this book with the exception of Jasmine as this story's main setting is her and Winston's B&B. 

Cannot wait to read more in the series 

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