Wednesday, December 8, 2021

Gardenias and a Grave Mistake

 This is the first book in the series about Diana Flowers by Ruby Loren.  I had previously read the prequel to this series and enjoyed it.  I am not sure how much I really like this series but I will give at least one more book a go before deciding one way or the other.  It wasn't a bad book it just didn't capture me like other series do.  I think it might  just be the fact it is the initial book in the series so I will continue for at least one more.

The characters are quirky and there is plenty of suspicions to go around when a best man appears dead in a wedding cake at the first-ever wedding event Diana is working at.  It doesn't help that it is her neighbor's wedding and she's been a bit of a bridezilla.   She gets caught up in the whodunnit as the local DCI is a bit of a bumbling fool.

Add to that the mystery of why Jim had left her his house and fields and there is plenty perplexing Diana. The mystery slowly unravels and it makes sense in the end after plenty of confusion on who is guilty. 
If you are interested in gardening and flowers in particular you will like that aspect of the series for sure.  I don't have a green thumb so that part didn't resonant strongly with me.

Gardenias and a Grave MistakeGardenias and a Grave Mistake by Ruby Loren
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

an interesting mix of characters in a cozy mystery set in South East England. There is plenty of suspicion and duplicity going on while Diana Flowers is trying to solve a mystery or 2 in this first book in the series. there are some quirky characters and I am interested to see how the series progresses. enjoyable cozy including nosy neighbors and a bridezilla, not to mention past childhood boyfriends. I liked that this cozy did not have the MC involved in a romantic relationship even if she is coming out of a bad breakup

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