Saturday, December 18, 2021

Picture Perfect Corpse

 This is the 7th book, by Joann Campbell Slan, in the series involving Kiki Lowenstein and centers around her life as an employee at a St Louis scrapbook store.  Most of the installments include many scenes at the store and discuss paper crafting, this one did not have as much.  This wraps up a building drama between Kiki and Dettweiler's pasts.   Brenda Dettweiler cannot seem to let her ex go and now she is taking it out on Kiki and blaming her for the demise of her marriage;  taking no ownership of her fault in the situation.  Kiki is also finally getting some resolution in the death of her husband George 5 years before.  The story does wrap many of those threads up while introducing more complexity into their lives.  

The subplot about Nicci - Anya's friend is a relevant one for today's society and is something that should be discussed more to help those struggling with these demons to find help.  

I know many people won't enjoy the heavier topics discussed in the books and this is definitely not in the light and cheery cozy category but I do enjoy this series and look forward to discovering how the next pieces evolve in this ongoing saga.

Picture Perfect CorpsePicture Perfect Corpse by Joanna Campbell Slan
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I always enjoy reading the Kiki Lowenstein books because they include my other favorite hobby- scrapbooking.

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