Saturday, December 5, 2020

Mousse and Murder

 I really enjoyed this cozy by Elizabeth Logan set in Alaska.  This is the first in the Alaskan Diner series.  Charlie has recently taken over her mother's diner in Elkview, AK.  Her passion and experience seem to be establishing a successful transition for the Bear Claw Diner.   Unfortunately while her mother is off cruising the Danube with her father, things go a bit awry at the diner.  As Charlie and her friends cope with a sudden death while maintaining the diner we get to see their relationships grow.  Charlie has a great support team and the book demonstrates this, specifically everyone's willingness to pitch in and help her.  The small town spirit is definitely felt in this cozy. 

The mystery itself is well written and while I had an inkling as to who was the guilty party, I wasn't totally sure until the reveal.  There were plenty of red herring behaviors by characters to throw the suspicion around.  Everything made sense within the context of the story though so it didn't come across as far fetched.  

 I look forward  to reading more in this series set near Denali and Anchorage.  

Mousse and MurderMousse and Murder by Elizabeth Logan
My rating: 4 of 5 stars 

Fun cozy set among the scenic Alaska wilderness. Fun setting based out of a diner and full of plenty of Alaskan scenery. Characters are heart warming and supportive of them be another. Charlie has taken over her mother’s diner, Bear Claw, and has to work to solve the murder of one of her staff. Lots of secrets are uncovered and romantic relationships began in this first in the series mystery. I look forward to reading more about these characters in future installments 

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