Saturday, August 14, 2021

Fishing for Trouble

 This second book set in Elkview, Alaska centers around Charlie and her cafe.  I didn't care for this book quite as much as the first in the series.  I think I just didn't like the characters as much.   I did enjoy reading more of Charlie's backstory and meeting people from her past life before the series had started.   This development of her character and the added descriptions of Alaska are well written.

Unfortunately I found some aspects of the mystery a bit lacking.  At one point one of the characters makes a reference about knowing another character, who supposedly had just arrived in AK.  The mystery of why he had been there longer than he indicated was never cleared up and would have been a relevant piece of the solution since he was a realistic suspect in the murder.   For some reason that issue stuck with me.  

This frustration will not keep me from trying the next book in the series though and I recommend the books to anyone interested in small town diners and particularly if you like outdoor life and Alaska in particular.  

Fishing for TroubleFishing for Trouble by Elizabeth Logan
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

While I really enjoy the main character, Charlie and her core group of friends/detectives I just found myself not getting invested in this story for some reason. I think I just didn’t like the suspects/friends of the deceased that Charlie was trying to help. This made me not really root for finding the truth and felt like Charlie was wasting her energy. Even the parents of Josh were irritating and cold characters. I just couldn’t “bond” with them. That being said this felt like the author’s intention so in that sense it was well written. I just think I am not a big fan of stories where the protagonists aren’t appealing.
I did like reading about Alaska and the diner including it’s fare. I will look forward to reading more in the series

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    • Crime Scenes 
      • Row 3
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    • Weapons
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        • Poison, poisoned food
    • Detectives- Charlie
    • Victims- Josh
  12. Six Shooter Challenge  Target #71  Shot #2

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