Friday, December 10, 2021

Popsugar 2022

 I will attempt the PopSugar challenge again in 22.  Hopefully I have better luck at finishing it this time.  The challenge prompts really gave me issues in 21

My goodreads tracking page can be found here

1. A book published in 2022

2. A book set on a plane, train, or cruise ship

    3. A book about or set in a nonpatriarchal society

    4. A book with a tiger on the cover or "tiger" in the title

    5. A sapphic book  

    6. A book by a Latinx author

    7. A book with an onomatopoeia in its title

    8. A book with a protagonist who uses a mobility aid

    9. A book about a "found family"

  1. The Kennedy Debutante by Kerri Maher
  2. Blog Post and Goodreads Review 2/22/22
  3. 10. An Anisfield-Wolf Book Award winner

    11. A #BookTok recommendation 

    12. A book about the afterlife

    13. A book set in the 1980s

    14. A book with cutlery on the cover or in the title

    15. A book by a Pacific Islander author

      16. A book about witches

      17. A book becoming a TV series or movie in 2022

      18. A romance novel by a BIPOC author

      19. A book that takes place during your favorite season 

      20. A book whose title begins with the last letter of your previous read  

      21. A book about a band or musical group

      22. A book with a character on the ace spectrum

      23. A book with a recipe in it 

      24. A book you can read in one sitting

      25. A book about a secret

      26. A book with a misleading title

      27. A Hugo Award winner

      28. A book set during a holiday

      29. A different book by an author you read in 2021

      30. A book with the name of a board game in the title

      31. A book featuring a man-made disaster 

      32. A book with a quote from your favorite author on the cover or Amazon page

      33. A social-horror book

      34. A book set in Victorian times

      35. A book with a constellation on the cover or in the title  

        36. A book you know nothing about

        37. A book about gender identity

      1. Dumplin by Julie Murphy
      2. Blog Post and Goodreads Review 12/3/22
      3. 38. A book featuring a party

        39. An #OwnVoices SFF (science fiction and fantasy) book

        40. A book that fulfills your favorite prompt from a past POPSUGAR Reading Challenge = 2020Set in an Olympics host city

      4. Black Dog (Stone Barrington #62) by Stuart Woods
      5. Blog Post and Goodreads Review 11/7/22

      6. Advanced

        41. A book with a reflected image on the cover or "mirror" in the title

        42. A book that features two languages

        43. A book with a palindromic title
        44. A duology (1)
        45. A duology (2)
        46. A book about someone leading a double life

        47. A book featuring a parallel reality

        48. A book with two POVs

        49. Two books set in twin towns, aka "sister cities" (1)  

        50. Two books set in twin towns, aka "sister cities" (2) 

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