Saturday, January 15, 2022

Beat the Backlist 2022



 I am going to do this prompt based challenge again in 2022. It is hosted by Austine and Katie on Novelknight blog.   You don't have to own the book and can borrow etc.   There is a 24 or 52 prompt list.  They have created a bingo card or a regular checklist for whichever format you prefer to track using.  

Prompts:  49/50 completed

My Selections:

  1. number in the title
  2. classic novel
  3. longer than 500 pages
  4. first in a series you've been putting off
  5. book featuring time travel
  6. indie or self published
  7. debut novel
  8. one word title
  9. everyone has read it but you
  10. set in the mountains
  11. a book about books
  12. mushroom on the cover
  13. non-fiction
  14. graphic novel, manga, or web comic
  15. book with chapter names
  16. about or inspired by a historical event
  17. discovered via social media
  18. novella 
  19. picked by a celebrity book club
  20. murder, mystery or both
  21. new to you author
  22. 2+ people on the cover
  23. book written for an age group you don't belong to
  24. author has an active podcast or you tube channel
  25. set in space or on/in the ocean
  26. your favorite animal on the cover
  27. set on an island
  28. wolf' or 'star' in the title
  29. 6+ words in the title  
  30. translated to your native language
  31. features royalty 
  32. superheroes/villains OR character in disguise
  33. co-authored
  34. forgotten on your shelf or ereader
  35. story centered around a real or fictional holiday
  36. your favorite trope on the page
  37. reading for research, reference, or general interest
  38. women in the (fictional) sciences
  39. you watched the show or movie first
  40. book about siblings
  41. second or fourth book in a series
  42. title is an alliteration
  43. about food or food in the title
  44. involves family secrets
  45. a book in a genre you never/rarely read
  46. an unusual or unexpected pet
  47. protagonist has a profession that twists the truth
  48. author has a first, middle and last name on the cover (no initials)
  49. a book set in the season you read it in
  50. finish a series

Unruly Reader Bingo 2022


I had intended to do this challenge last year but just failed to track etc. It is hosted on the Unruly Reader Blog.   I am excited to try again this year.   It is a basic bingo card where you try to get a bingo or go for blackout.   There are some explanations of the topics but you can interpret as you see fit.

My Selections:

completed prompts  23/25

  1. timely title
  2. nyt best seller
  3. news
  4. fleeting fancy
  5. seasonal
  6. librarian recommended
  7. positive psychology
  8. subculture
  9. afro futurism
  10. native american author
  11. 1 syllable author surname
  12. coming of age
  13. free choice
  14. period piece
  15. 1980s classic
  16. wanderlust
  17. fast
  18. slow
  19. time capsule
  20. a play
  21. ability diverse
  22. immersion
  23. one hit wonder
  24. vintage
  25. biography

Friday, January 14, 2022

Pick Your Poison 2022

  In my utmost attempt at insanity, I have added another challenge that looks interesting.  The Pick your Poison challenge is hosted on the gregoryroad blog.

 This one has you set a goal of how many prompts from each category you attempt.  It runs from 13 to 104 prompts.  I believe I will go for the 26 choice this year and see if I cannot complete them with books overlapping other challenges.  Here's all the details for you to check it out on your own here.  

I am attempting Fortnight-  26 books 1 prompt from each topic-  Have achieved 52 pickup

Progress  93/26 books

26/26 topics

1 A to Z  COMPLETE 11/28/22

a book with a z in the title

book by an author whose name starts with a or z

a book about letters

a "comprehensive" book

2 The Same, but Not COMPLETE 7/22/22

book with the color red or the word "read" on the cover

a book by an author whose last name could be a first name

a retelling of a classic

he said she said book

3 What's the Dish?  COMPLETE 3/9/22

a book with a mug or cup on the cover

a book that includes recipes

    a book about food from another culture 

    a book about gossip 

    4 Memories  3/4

    a book about memory loss

    an author whose name you remember easily

      a book with the word "remember" in the title

      a diary

      5 Back to Basics  COMPLETE 10/20/22

      a classic novel

      a biography

      a book by a well-known author

      a paperback

      6 Time is Ticking  COMPLETE 11/20/22

      a book with a clock on the cover

      a book about time travel

      a suspense novel

      a book to pass the time while your favorite author finishes their next book

      7 Til the Fat Lady Sings  complete 12/3/22

      a book about body image

      1. Dumplin by Julie Murphy

      a space opera

      a book with the word "over" in the title

      a book about a singer or musician

      8 It's All Relative  COMPLETE 5/23/22

      a book about animal families

      a book that relates to an interest you have 

      a book about finding family

      a book with "aunt" or "uncle" in the title

      9 Geekery  3/4

      a book by an author who sounds like a geek

      a book with a cover that reminds you of a video game
      a book about an obsessive hobby

    1. The Man Who Loved Books Too Much by Allison Hoover Bartlett
    2. Blog Post and Goodreads Review 3/19/22
    3. a book about a fandom or fanfic

      10 Working for a Living  2/4

      a book by an author whose name is a trade or profession
      a memoir focused on the author's profession
      a book where the protagonist works in a similar field to you
      a nonfiction book about worker's rights

      11 Cover Up   topic Complete 7/28/22

      a book with someone on the cover who could use some clothes
      a book with a blue cover
      a book with multiple fonts on the cover
      a book where the author's name is above the title

      12 Taking the Plunge  2/4

      a book with a  picture of a cliff or ocean on the cover

      a book by an author you've always wanted to read
      a book over 600 pages

      a book someone dares you to read

      13 Shorts  complete 11/30/22

      a book set somewhere you might wear shorts

      a book under 150 pages 

        a book of short stories

        1. A Vacation of Mischief Anthology by Cozy Mystery Tribe Verena DeLuca, Sue Hollowell, Rune Stroud, Kathyrn Mykel, Brittany E Brinegar and Patty Joy

        a book wider than it is tall

        1. Not So Different: What You Really Want to Ask About Having a Disability by Shane Burcaw

        14 Locations  topic Complete 3/28/22

        a book with the word "attic" or "kitchen" in the title

        a book by an author who lives in another country 

        a book about a movie being filmed on location

        a book about your homeland

        15 TBR guilt  3/4

        a book that's dusty from waiting to be read

        a book someone gave you that you haven't read yet
        a book you've been meaning to read

        a new release you feel guilty reading because your TBR list is so long

        16 Crafty topic complete 7/28/22

        a book with a devious villain
          a book about a craft you do or would like to learn about
          a book with a craft related pun in the title
            a book known for having an unexpected twist at the end

            17 People we should know  completed 9/15/22

            a book about women's issues
              a book by a BIPOC author
              a book with a LGBTQIA+ protagonist
              a book written by an immigrant

              18 Heroes  2/4

              a book about a heroic event
              a non fiction book about someone you admire
              a book with the word "feet" or "clay" in the title
              a book with a cape or cloak on the cover

              19 Crossing Over  completed 5/16/22

              a book with the word "bridge" in the title
              a book about a ghost
              a book that crosses two genres
              a book with an X or cross on the cover

                20 Childhood Days  2/4

                reread a childhood favorite
                a book about the circus
                a book set within 10 years of your birth
                a coming of age story

                21 Legends  COMPLETE 7/17/22

                a book about a mythical creature 
                a book about a legendary hero
                a book about a lost treasure
                  a book by an author you consider amazing

                  22 Alternating    COMPLETE 11/10/22

                  a book with alternating timelines or narrators
                  a book that features a classic car
                    a book that takes place on both land and sea
                    an alternate history

                    23 Musical Inspiration  COMPLETE 7/23/22

                    west side story a tragic love story
                    sweeney todd a book about revenge
                    phantom of the opera a book about a hidden world
                    chicago a book set in a jail or prison

                    24 Other Lands  3/4

                    a book translated from another language
                    a book by an author from a country you'd like to visit

                    a book set in an area geographically different from your home

                    a book with the word "land" in the title

                    25 Timely Topics  3/4

                    a book about a pandemic

                    a book about climate change

                    a book about a social movement

                    a book about space travel

                      26 Stories with Grit  3/4

                      a western
                      a book with a desert on the cover

                      a beach read

                        a gritty detective story  

                        27 Wildcards   completed 6/11/22

                        a book with an orange cover

                          an epistolary book

                          an award winning book

                          a book at least 20 years older than you

                          a book about your favorite animal