Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Grim Reader

I read this book by Kate Carlisle because it was a library hold I had received.  I didn't realize it was the 14th book in a series when I put it on hold.  I decided to read it anyway, something I usually avoid doing with a series.  I generally start with the first book in a series and work my way through them.  I enjoy it when I find a series that has many entries that I haven't read previously because I find it enjoyable to read them consecutively.  It's the literary version of binge watching a tv show.

The Bibliophile series centers around a bookbinder, Brooklyn Wainwright.  In this particular installment Brooklyn and her new husband have gone home to her childhood home, Dharma, CA for a book festival chaired by her mother.   The only frustrating part of reading out of order was the lack of knowledge of the previous relationships of the characters with Brooklyn.  It was often confusing to keep their stories clear.

I enjoyed reading about Brooklyn and her husband, Derrick as they helped determine who murdered her mother's festival co-chair.  There are plenty of clues that lead to different suspects in the crime.Carlisle does a great job of tying the different pieces together and solving the crime in a believable manner.

I look forward to going back and catching up on the series.  The 13 previous books in the series should provide an interesting binge read.

The Grim Reader (Bibliophile Mystery, #14)The Grim Reader by Kate Carlisle
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Very enjoyable book. I had not previously read any of the other installments in the series but that wasn't too much of an issue. The only real issue was keeping characters and their relationships to Brooklyn and Derrick. The characters are all very likeable and Carlisle does a great job at casting suspicion on various characters to keep the reader guessing on who the guilty party is.

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