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Fun mystery challenges on Rick Mills Project

Rick Mills is hosting 3 fun challenges on his site.  They all involve fun and unique ways to track progress.  No advance sign up is necessary.  Just submit a form when you complete a book.

Medical Examiner 

The first is his Medical Examiner challenge.  This one involves reading murder mysteries and submitting a death certificate for each book.    Toe tags are issued for each character that is named and has a cause of death specified.   See the site for details on this fun challenge.

Toe Tags submitted:
1- 2 Eggs on Ice by Laura Childs blog post
3-6  19th Christmas by James Patterson GR review
7-  Death by Jack O'Lantern by Alexis Morgan blog post
8-  Three Widows and a corpse by Debra Sennefelder blog post
9 & 10 - Let's Fake a Deal by Sherry Harris blog post 
11 & 12 - The Medical Examiner by James Patterson  blog post and Goodreads review
13 -  Stealth by Stuart Woods   blog post and Goodreads review 1/27/20
14- Toxic Toffee by Amanda Flower blog post and Goodreads review  2/3/20
15- An Appetite for Murder by Lucy Burdette  blog post and Goodreads review 2/10/20
16- Treason by Stuart Woods  blog post and Goodreads review 2/11/20
17 & 18 Someone we Know by Shari Lapena  blog post and Goodreads review 2/12/20
19  Murder on the Orient Express by Agatha Christie blog post and Goodreads review  2/19/20
20-23 Kiss the Girls and Make Them Cry by Mary Higgins Clark blog /Goodreads review 2/23/20
24-  Buried to the Brim by Jenn McKinlay  blog post and Goodreads review  3/6/20
25 & 26  Mumbo Gumbo Murder by Laura Childs 3/9/20  blog post and Goodreads review
27 & 28 Contraband  (#50) by Stuart Woods 3/12/20 blog post and Goodreads review
29 & 30  Word to the Wise by Jenn McKinlay 3/15/20 blog post and Goodreads review
31-35 Swipe Right for Murder by Derek Milman 3/18/20 blog post and Goodreads review
36-41 False Flags by DS Kane 3/24/20 blog post and Goodreads review
42  Dogs Don't Lie by Lisa Shay 3/27/20 blog post and Goodreads review
43- 45 The Secret History by Donna Tartt 3/27/20  blog post and Goodreads review
46-47 Aloha Betrayed by Jessica Fletcher and Donald Bain 4/2/20 blog post and Goodreads review
48-58 Private Games by James Patterson 4/5/20 blog post and Goodreads review
59 Hitting the Books by Jenn McKinlay 4/7/20 blog post and Goodreads review
60 Every Breath you Take by Mary Higgins Clark and Alafair Burke 4/9/20 blog post / Goodreads
61 Coconut Layer Cake Murder by Joanne Fluke  4/23/20 blog post and Goodreads Review
62 Shell Game by Sara Paretsky 4/29/20 blog post and Goodreads Review
63 - 65 The Plot is Murder by V.M. Burns 4/30/20 blog post and Goodreads Review
66 Read Herring Hunt by V.M. Burns 5/1/20  blog post and Goodreads Review
67-71 The Money Shot by Stuart Woods and Parnell Hall 5/5/20 blog post and Goodreads Review
72  Sweet Saboteur by CA Phipps 5/7/20  blog post and Goodreads Review
73-77  Pool of Life by Pete Trewin 5/8/20 blog post and Goodreads Review
78 Death Al Dente by Leslie Budewitz 5/11/20 blog post and Goodreads Review
80-81 The Novel Art of Murder by VM Burns  5/20/20 blog post and Goodreads Review
82-83 Wed, Read, & Dead by VM Burns 5/21/20 blog post and Goodreads Review
84-86 Bookmarked for Murder by VM Burns 5/26/20 blog post and Goodreads Review
87-88  Buried in a Bog by Sheila Connolly 5/28/20 blog post and Goodreads Review
89-91  Death by Cashmere by Sally Goldenbaum 6/7/20 blog post and Goodreads Review
92   Pumpkin Spice Peril by Jenn McKinlay 6/10/20  blog post and Goodreads Review
93 The Murderous Macaron by Ana T. Drew 6/12/20 blog post and Goodreads Review
94-97 The Family Upstairs by Lisa Jewell 6/13/20  blog post and Goodreads Review
98-102  Hit List by Stuart Woods 6/13/20 blog post and Goodreads Review
103-108 The Murder of Twelve by Jessica Fletcher and Jon Land 6/16/20 blog Goodreads Review
109  The Last House Guest by Megan Miranda 6/18/20  blog post and Goodreads Review
110-119 The 20th Victim by James Patterson 6/21/20 blog post and Goodreads Review
120   All Fudged Up by Nancy CoCo   6/23/20  blog post and Goodreads Review
121 Left Fur Dead by J M Griffin  7/1/20  blog post and Goodreads Revew

Six Shooter 

The other fun tracking task is his Six Shooter Challenge.  This one also involves reading mysteries.  Each distinct author you read opens a new target for you.  Then as you complete an additional book by that author you score an additional shot.   Continue to score until you complete 6 shots for an author.   You can start this challenge now as incomplete targets will carry to 2020.

Target 1:  Laura Childs

Target 2:  Debra Sennefelder 1 Shot  (Three Widows and a corpseblog post

Target 3:  James Patterson

Target 4:  Sherry Harris  1 Shot (Let's Fake a Dealblog post 

Target 5:  Stuart Woods

Target 6:  Amanda Flower 1 Shot (Toxic Toffee ) blog post and Goodreads review

Target 7:   Joanna Campbell Slan
Target 8:  Lucy Burdette  1 Shot  (An Appetite for Murderblog post and Goodreads review

Target 9:  Agatha Christie 1 Shot (Murder on the Orient Expressblog post and Goodreads review

Target 10:  Mary Higgins Clark

Target 11:  Jenn McKinlay
Target 12:  Jessica Fletcher

Target 13:  Sara Paretsky 1st Shot (Shell Game 4/29/20 blog post and Goodreads Review

Target 14:  V.M. Burns 
Target 15:  CA Phipps

Target 16:  Leslie Burdewitz
Target 17:  Sheila Connolly  1st shot Buried in a Bog 5/28/20 blog post and Goodreads Review
Target 18:  Sally Goldenbaum
Target 19:  Nancy CoCo

Murder Mystery Bingo

The final fun challenge he hosts is a Bingo challenge.  There are 4 different cards to track as you read books.  The categories are Weapons, Crime Scenes,  Clues and Cliches, and Red Herrings.  You can begin this challenge now.

So start being an armchair detective and knock down some of these challenges.

Row 1: BINGO Mar

Row 2  BINGO May
Row 3
Row 4  BINGO Jun
Row 5 BINGO Mar

Row 1 BINGO Mar

Row 2  Bingo JUN

Row 3 BINGO May 20
Row 4 BINGO May 20
Row 5  BINGO may 20

Row 1
Row 2 BINGO  May

Row 3
Row 4
Row 5

Row 1
Row 2
Row 3
Row 4
Row 5

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