Sunday, June 14, 2020

Hit List

This is the 53rd book in the Stone Barrington series by Stuart Woods.  As to be expected when you are on a book that far into a series, the books become a bit formulaic.   I enjoy a light read that doesn't require a long time commitment periodically between novels that require a bit more focus. 

There is always action and romance abound in these books.  There is as always a bit of a mystery to solve in this story as well.  What was a bit unique about this installment was Stone and Dino Bacchetti, his ex partner who is now NYPD Chief,  struggled to capture the guilty party even after they had identified him.  Normally the bulk of the story is them identifying the culprit, this time they determined that fairly quickly  and then struggled to end his crime spree.  Eventually it wrapped up.

There was  a bit of a confusing ending to the book though.  One of Stone's relationships that had  carried over from the previous book ended rather suddenly.  There is also a bit of a strange sign off at the end of the book with a dated The End which I don't recall being there in other books.  Perhaps this was the last installment in the adventures of Stone Barrington.  We will have to wait and see.

Hit List (Stone Barrington, #53)Hit List by Stuart Woods
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

A typical but still entertaining Stone Barrington book by Stuart Woods. Although Stone is far more monogamous in this installment than usual. This book has lots of location hopping and hits on most all the spots Stone usually goes to in a book. The plot was probably a bit more realistic than many of the books involving Stone and Dino Bacchetti. This one actually had the criminal alluding them at several points rather than the often norm catch em when we want to scenarios. I did find the ending a bit strange, it was almost as though the series was being wrapped up in a way but I am not sure. We will have to see if there are future installments or if this is the end of the series

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