Thursday, July 23, 2020

Cobblered to Death

This Rosemarie Ross' first book in a cozy series about Courtney Archer, a TV chef.  This book is based at a resort in the Poconos while Courtney is involved in filming a Baking Challenge on location.  There are several side mysteries that occurred during this story that keep the reader guessing as to the motive for the crime and the guilty party.  Courtney is faced with some personal dilemmas during the story,  making her character very relatable and endearing.

I look forward to reading more of the series as it is published.  The next installment is due out in Dec 2020.

Cobblered to Death (Courtney Archer #1)Cobblered to Death by Rosemarie Ross
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

A very enjoyable debut in a series. The book centers around Courtney Archer, who is the host of a cooking program based upon a persona of a Farmer's Daughter. Problem is this isn't really who she is and this public persona is becoming a challenge to keep up. Add to it a murder while hosting a baking challenge in the Poconos and there are lots of suspicions being cast her direction. She is a very relatable character who is struggling to do what she feels is the right thing without jeopardizing her career. The reader cannot help but root for her to get her way and to solve the mystery. I look forward to reading more in the series.

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