Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Monthly Motif Challenge at GirlXOXO

The GirlXOXO blog is hosting several challenges that are monthly specific.  For each of the challenges you must meet the criteria in the specified Month.   There is a Monthly Keyword challenge, a Monthly Motif challenge and a Monthly Book Award challenge.  These each require a bit more planning than any of my other challenges since you need to actually read the book in the month of the challenge.  


This one like it's counterparts requires you to complete a book each month that meets one of the themes for that month.  Read it and link your posted book back to their site.  


√ JANUARY-  Winter Wonderland
Focusing on ‘wonderland’, read a book set in a truly wonderful place- somewhere you’ve always thought was beautiful, somewhere with a wonderfully rich culture, a snowy setting, or maybe even a magical realm. It’s your interpretation, so have fun with it.
√ FEBRUARYSeeing Red
Read a book with the word ‘red’ in the title OR a book with a red-ish cover. Bonus if it has both.
IDEAS:  Red Joan by Jennie Rooney or Red White & Royal Blue by Casey McQuiston

√ MARCH- Sub-Genre Sound Off
Choose a sub-genre of your favorite genre and read a book from it. Make sure you mention the sub genre you chose in your review. (Ex. Sub Genres of Fantasy could be Magical Realism, Fairytale Retellings, or Epic Fantasy to name just a few.)

IDEAS : Cozy as a sub genre of Mystery

√ APRIL- Classics or Currents
Read a book published before the year you were born (classic-ish) OR a book published between April 2019 and April 2020 (current.)

√ MAY- Author Introduction
Read a book written by an author who you’ve never read anything by. Bonus if its been on your TBR for more than a year.

IDEAS :  The Rosie Project by Graeme Simsion  TBR for 3+ years

√ JUNE- Name or Number
Read a book in which a name OR a number is part of the title. Bonus if the title includes both a name and a number.

√ JULY- Around or Out of this World 
Read a book set in a country other than the one you live in OR written by an author who is from a country other than your own OR read a book that takes place in space or on another planet.

IDEAS : The Martian by Andy Wier  or travel memoir

√ AUGUST- Creature Feature
Read a book that includes a creature of some kind on the cover or in the story. Cat, dog, dragon, werewolf – mythical or real – find a book that features a creature.

√  SEPTEMBER- When Text Just Isn’t Enough
Read a book that includes more than just text. Maybe it’s a map, a family tree, illustrations, documents like emails or letters- something else that helps to paint the picture.

IDEAS : Disney's Land by Richard Snow
√ OCTOBER- Thrills and Chills
Ghost stories, haunted houses, true crime, murder mysteries, a thriller keeping you on the edge of your seat- it’s up to you!

    √ NOVEMBER- Dynamic Duos
    Read a book with a couple of characters that make the perfect pair whether in business or in love. (Ex. Sherlock & Holmes, Elizabeth & Darcy)

      √ DECEMBER- Sugar, Spice, Everything Nice
      Holiday or winter themed reads, love stories and romances, happy cries, comedies; round out your year with a truly feel good read.

    1. Read  84, Charing Cross Road  by Helene Hanff 12/13/20

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