Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Starting to sort the challenges

Right now I am trying to get myself all set up for the different challenges I want to try in 2020.  This means I have listed all the prompts to select books from into a separate tab for each challenge.  I have then brainstormed ideas and cross referenced where a book can count for more than 1 challenge.  I don't realistically see myself having the time to read unique books for each challenge although there are readers out there who want cross utilize a title for different challenges.  I think half the fun for me is the setup and the research and planning.

Some of these challenges require a monthly commitment whereas others are a less demanding approach.

My plans for this year are:

Popsugar Reading Challenge

Around the Year in 52 Books on Goodreads

52 books in 52 weeks on mommymannegren 

A to Z challenge on gingermomandcompany

color based challenge on myreadersblock is hosting several that interested me.  They also have a listing of book challenges to reference.

There are several challenges based on genre of the books.  I am using the prompts in the 52 week challenges to address many of these categories

Several of the challenges just involve a tally of how many books you finish falling into the category.

The two I want to track are:

Mount TBR on Goodreads- to track how many books you read that you already own physical or ebook.  You set a goal of how many on your list you want to tackle.  If you reach that mountain top you can scale something higher.

Like Mount TBR, Craving for a cozy is about tracking how many cozies you read.  I found this challenge on

Since I have bitten off so many challenges I decided it was only fitting that I join a challenge tracking how many challenges you are doing.   I found this at reading challenge addict.  

Stay tuned over the next few posts for descriptions of the individual challenges to see if you might be interested in joining in.  

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