Saturday, March 28, 2020

Dogs Don't Lie

A cute dog, a cat and a llama what's not to love.  Add in a bit of a mystery, a veterinarian, Kallie,  who can communicate with animals and a budding romance.  Oh yeah, don't forget the meddling mother who keeps trying to set Kallie up with her 'friends" family members.  This of course provides for some comedic relief.  Kallie has a great group of female friends who lend their support both emotionally and in following clues.  All in all it was a very enjoyable read that I was able to finish this morning in one sitting.

I read this new cozy series by Lisa Shay for a Hidden Gems ARC.  This was my second ARC book that I read, the other being False Flags earlier in the week.  I am enjoying the opportunity to read books in exchange for giving a review on Amazon.  The only tricky part is finding the time to make sure you finish in the short window they give you to complete your review.

Dogs Don't LieDogs Don't Lie by Lisa Shay
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Dogs Don't Lie is a cozy mystery by Lisa Shay that I was given an advanced copy for free in return for this honest review I am providing.

The story centers around the main character of Kallie Collins, a recently graduated veterinarian who is living in Medford, Oregon. We first meet Kallie as she is arriving at a BBQ that her mother has failed to tell her is a large gathering with a blind introduction to a nephew of a "dear" friend of her mother's. This turns out to be one of several ambushes her mother pulls trying to fix her up, leading to some comedic moments in the book. While at the BBQ she's gets a call to meet the County Sheriff for an assist at a scene.

Here she meets Ben and the events that transpire lead to her involvement in his case. Her ability to communicate with animals leads the authorities to some clues and information about the victim of a crime. Kallie, ends up fostering a corgi/terrier mix named Ariel and a calico cat, Ella. She wrangles her best friends, Sam and Gracie to help her in her side investigation. Together they uncover more suspicious and apparently unlawful activities going on in Medford.

There are several escapades traipsing through the woods and on the back roads that eventually lead to Kallie helping the authorities solve the case. They even acknowledge her involvement provided valuable information that helped them close the case. Shay does a nice job of wrapping up the story and providing the missing pieces at the end. All in all the book was a very good, fast read. I look forward to seeing if there are more installments in the series and to see if Kallie and Ben become a couple.

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