Sunday, September 13, 2020


 This is the next installment in the Teddy Fay series by Stuart Woods.  Although there is a brief appearance by Stone Barrington, this is all about Teddy Fay.  He is moving forward in his new life in Hollywood but trouble seems to continue to find him.  This story is set among the glamour and glitz of Hollywood and movies.  It is a surprisingly plot-centric book with no racy bedroom scenes in the novel.  I found it an enjoyable read and couldn't help but root for Teddy to successful navigate the drama that surrounded him.  

BombshellBombshell by Stuart Woods

My rating: 4 of 5 stars 

Teddy Fay manages to engage readers while assuming his different personas in his Hollywood life. This book has lots of twists and intrigue. Teddy used his CIA skills quite proficiently and solves problems according to his code of what’s acceptable. Amazing feature of this book is there’s no steamy sex scenes even when Stone Barrington makes a brief appearance. Enjoyed this book by Woods and look forward to more adventures involving Teddy Fay 

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  2. Finishing the Series-  #FinishingTheSeries2020   Teddy Fay series
  3. Cloak and  Dagger #CloakDaggerChal : Book # 78
  4. Medical Examiner-  5 Toe Tag 
  5. Six Shooter- 6th Shot for Stuart Woods-  Completes the Target

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