Friday, December 27, 2019

Book Bingo at unruly reader

There’s another fun Bingo tracking challenge being hosted at Unruly Reader


The rules are pretty straightforward and you just need to signup on the site.

  • Read a book that fits the category. Each book can qualify for only one category.
  • Complete just one row or column, or go for blackout by reading a book in every category.
  • All books must be finished in 2020. Books started in 2019 but finished in 2020 count.
  • They’ve  provided some definitions, but you can free-style it if you like—as long as you can make a case that the book fits the category.
  • All categories can be fiction or nonfiction (your choice), unless otherwise specified.

The Categories

Icy – A book that takes place in snowy winter, a story featuring a cold-hearted character, or a chilling tale
Read:  Eggs on Ice by Laura Child’s  comp 1/2/20
Landscape – A book whose setting is vital to the story 
ReadThe Orphan's Tale by Pam Jenoff  set France during WWII comp 1/7/20
Novella – Shorter than a novel, but longer than a short story
Harlem Renaissance – A book written by a Harlem Renaissance author 
Longing – A story filled with yearning, desire, or wistfulness 
Lies & Deception – A book with lies, so many lies. Or a book that deceived you.
Read19th Christmas by James Patterson comp 1/4/20
Expectations – A story of fulfilled or thwarted expectations, or a book that failed to meet your expectations 
Underdog – A book about a character who defies the odds
Personal Growth – Self-improvement: pragmatically or spiritually
Ideas:  Girl Wash Your Face by Rachel Hollis/ Maybe you should talk to someone by Lori Gottlieb
Long Haired Author – A book by an author who has (or had) long hair
A Friend’s Suggestion – Ask a friend what you should read next
Podcast – Listen to a serial podcast or read a book written by a podcaster
Carnegie Medal Nominee – A book nominated for the Carnegie Medal
Modern Classic – A contemporary book that will stand the test of time
Road Trip – Wanderlust, restlessness, desperation, quest? A book with a road trip in it
Olympic Sport – A book with a character who participates (at any level) in a sport featured in the Olympics
Ideas: The Boys in the Boat by Daniel James Brown/
Checklist – A book you’re checking off your list, or a book containing a checklist for a better life
South America – A book written by a South American author or a book that takes place in South America
Back to School – A story with a school setting
Ideas: Matilda by Roald Dahl
Love – A book that illustrates love 
Native American – A character or an author who is Native American
IdeasThere, There by Tommy Orange
Horror – A story that inspires a feeling of dread
Political – Election year! Read something political
Memoir – A nonfiction personal account based on the author’s experience
ReadGarlic & Sapphires by Ruth Reichl  NYT Food Critic comp 1/14/20
Indulge – The hot fudge of reading: all pleasure, no virtue

My card for tracking

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  1. Welcome, Traci -- so glad you're participating in Book Bingo!