Monday, October 19, 2020

A Time for Murder


This is the 50th book in the Murder She Wrote series.  I have to admit I probably read these more because of the nostalgia of the tv show than the actual books themselves.  I definitely visualize the actors and actresses when reading about the characters.  This book brought much of the series together in the story.  Amos Tupper, Mort Metzger, Harry McGraw, Seth Hazlitt and Grady Fletcher all have roles in the book.  We even get a glimpse at Jessica's dead husband, Frank.   

The story was a bit less formulaic than many of the books in the series because it was transitioning between present day and 25 years earlier.  The mystery itself was decent and a bit difficult to figure out although I did determine the guilty party before they were revealed in the book.  

My biggest complaint was the extreme nonsensical nature of the conclusion of the mystery and how improbable it was, even when you take into account how improbable it is for one civilian to have been involved in solving 51 different murders.  The ending was more something out of Hollywood action movies than a cozy mystery.   I still enjoyed it even with this ending but it definitely detracted from the story.  

A Time for MurderA Time for Murder by Jessica Fletcher
My rating: 3 of 5 stars 

This book was alright. I did enjoy how the book tied together Jessica's first murder investigation 25 years in the past to a current one. The book did a good job of tying the different phases of her life together. It intertwined all the different characters whom Jessica has solved cases with over the life of the series- Amos Tupper, Mort Metzger and Harry McGraw. Of course Seth Hazlitt also plays a big role in the current investigation. The book does a good job of transitioning between past and present. The guilty party is a bit of a surprise although I did suspect this individual about 50 pages before it was revealed. My complaint with the book was the absurdity of the ending. It was just not believable at all, more McGyver than Jessica Fletcher. Still the book was entertaining and a quick read. 

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