Sunday, December 29, 2019

2020 Wizarding World Tour

If you love Harry Potter ten this challenge is for you.  The HPOOTP- Flourish and Blotts Facebook group.   Is hosting the 2020 Wizarding World Tour Reading Challenge.   The premise is to complete a series of prompts which will enable you to successfully visit the different Wizarding schools around the world.  The creativity on this challenge is amazing.  You can visit as few or as many schools as you would like in 2020.  You need to join the Facebook group and then post your books in that group

In addition to the main Wizarding Tour there are other challenges and readathons in the group

My Journeys:

Beauxbatons Completed Oct 2020

Castelobruxo Completed Sept 2020

Durmstrang  completed May 2020

Hogwarts  completed Oct 2020

Ilvermorny  completed Aug 2020


Mahoutokoro Completed October 2020

Uagadou  Completed August 2020

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