Thursday, December 19, 2019

Castor's Star Map #StartOnYourShelfathon

As I was compiling the challenges I came upon another fun variation on a TBR challenge.  The has a fun challenge designed to read the books that we all collect and intend to read some day.  There is a back story to the readathon involving Castor the sloth who wants to be a cartographer.  He needs our help in collecting stars.  Meet Castor and sign up to help him here.

This challenge has already begun and will run through 2020.  There are a few basic rules to help along the way.

  • You will read books you already own- physical or electronic
  • You cannot use re-reads for this challenge.
  • You can set a goal for yourself 
  • Collect stars for completing books and goals you set.

You earn stars for reading books (yellow stars), meeting goals you set for yourself (blue stars) and rare finds of red stars if you find a new favorite among your pile to be read.  

For my challenge I am going to try to read 5 TBR books before the first check in April 2020.  I am combining this challenge with some other 2020 challenges as I have stated.  So, for Jan & Feb I will be trying to read:

This is How it Always is by Lauri Frankel
Red Joan by Jennifer Rooney

Lab Girl by Hope Jahren

look at this fun star map I will be trying to complete with these 3 stars plus any additional ones I might happen upon

To find your very own Star Map and meet Castor go visit the


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