Tuesday, June 16, 2020

The Murder of Twelve- Murder She Wrote #51

This book reminded me of the famous Agatha Christie, And Then There were None and oddly enough Jessica Fletcher draws that parallel during the case.   It really amazes me how many murder cases one person can come across in such a small town but Jessica Fletcher sure knows how to puzzle them out and come to a successful conclusion.  This book had lots of victims and lots of twists.

It was an interesting deviation from the normal group of crime solvers.  There was minimal involvement from Jessica's usual supporting cast.  Mort Metzger, Sheriff of Cabot Cove, and Dr. Seth Hazlett were only involved from a distance for most of the book.  Jessica had to puzzle it out with the proprietor of the Hill House hotel, Seamus McGilray and the wedding party members in residence with her during a major blizzard.  We did get glimpses of her PI buddy, Harry McGraw in this via the telephone.   I have to admit though when I read about him I always picture the actor who plays him on the TV show and more specifically with Lenny from Law & Order.  Adds a bit of a diversion from the story at times.

In the end the guilty party is identified and the story wrapped up.  It was not totally predictable or far fetched so it wasn't frustrating.   All in all it is an enjoyable light mystery that can be read fairly quickly. 

The Murder of Twelve (Murder She Wrote #51)The Murder of Twelve by Jessica Fletcher
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Good and entertaining mystery. Jessica Fletcher sure does stumble upon a lot of murders in Cabot Cove. This one was a decent mystery with a few twists, some more predictable than others. It was a quick read that focused more on Jessica and the hotel guests/victims than her usual cohorts. She only interacted with sheriff Mort Metzger and Dr. Seth Hazlett at the beginning of the story and via telephone later. We got a bit of her PI buddy, Harry McGraw from a distance as well.

All in all a good entertaining light mystery able to be finished quickly.

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