Wednesday, December 11, 2019

And then there were more

Had you fooled for a minute didn't I?   No we are not talking about the Agatha Christie book just yet.  It is on my planned reading list for 2020 so we will get to it later.  Right now we are talking about more challenges.

Apparently I am a bit crazy when it comes to reading.  I have found some additional challenges I am going to attempt in 2020.   Fortunately, most of them are just building on the others I have already selected.  Most of them just involve tracking my reading of my mysteries that I already do by default.

One that is a bit more involved is the 2020 TBR List found at Stacked-reviews   This involves 22 challenge prompts many of which overlap with others I already am attempting.

The other more complex challenge I just discovered is the 20 in 20 challenge hosted on A Bookworms musings.  This is 20 prompts to chose from but there's an additional spin to pick 10 nonfiction and 10 fiction titles to fit the prompts.

Escape with DollyCas has several challenges she is hosting in 2020.

  • A bit more complex challenge is her Literary Escapes Challenge.  Trying to "visit" 50 States plus DC during the year.  You accumulate points for each you accomplish, with a bonus if you make all 50.  I will track for fun but doubt I will hit all 50 states. 
Carolina Book Nook is hosting a challenge that is all about Titles.  There are 6 Categories in the What's in a Name 2020 challenge.  Seems pretty fun and straightforward

I found 2 more challenges that are all about setting goals and tracking tallies.  Not too hard to do if you are already doing other challenges.
  1. The Library Love Challenge at Angel's Guilty Pleasures is just what it sounds like.  Track books borrowed from Library.
  2. Cloak and Dagger involves tracking mystery books you read.  It is hosted at Carol's Notebook
This last group of challenges are quite unique.  They are hosted at Rick Mill Project.   Rather than prompts, Rick uses different themed ways to track mystery books you read.  
  1. The Medical Examiner Mystery challenge involves tracking who dies and how.  You then submit a Death Certificate report for each book you've read
  2. There is also a Murder Mystery Bingo  This involves tracking items you come across in the story you read, trying for Bingo.  
  3. The Six shooter challenge involves tracking how many times you read an author.  You aim for 6, but be careful not to be too ambitious because accuracy counts
Well, this means if  I have added correctly that I might be trying to do more than 20 challenges in 2020.   I guess I better grab a cup of tea and a blanket and get started.  At least it's Winter and I have an excuse to stay indoors.  See you in Spring.

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