Tuesday, January 5, 2021

Pick your Poison

 In my utmost attempt at insanity, I have added another challenge that looks interesting.  The Pick your Poison challenge is hosted on the gregoryroad blog.

 This one has you set a goal of how many prompts from each category you attempt.  It runs from 13 to 104 prompts.  I believe I will go for the 26 choice this year and see if I cannot complete them with books overlapping other challenges.  Here's all the details for you to check it out on your own here.  

I am attempting Fortnight-  26 books 1 prompt from each topic

Progress  93/26 books

27/27 topics

  1. Who's in charge?
    1. A book about an empire
    2. A book about a social movement IDEAAfter Life: My Journey from Incarceration to Freedom

    3. A book about being a first time parent 

    4. A book about a cat 

  2. Make 'em Laugh
    1. A funny comic or graphic novel IDEA

    2. A book about a comedian IDEABossypants

    3. √ A book with a pun in the title 
    4. √ A book with someone laughing on the cover 
  3. √ Where You Sleep At Night√ 
    1. √ A book about a hotel 
    2. √ A book with the word "house" in the title 
    3. √ A book with a cabin on the cover 
    4. √ A book about a haunted house 

  4. Ways To Die
    1. √  A book with "poison" in the title 
    2. √  A book with a knife on the cover 
    3. A true crime murder story IDEAKillers of the Flower Moon: The Osage Murders and the Birth of the FBI

    4. √ A book about dealing with suicide 
  5. √ Occupations
    1. √ A book about a farmer
    2. √ A book about a librarian or bookseller 
    3. √ A book written by a college professor 
    4. √ A book about a scientist 
  6. √ Generations
    1. √ A book about millennials 
    2. √  A book about hippies 
    3. √ A book about baby boomers 
    4. √ A book about flappers 
  7. Plaids
    1. √ A book with a kilt on the cover 
    2. A book written by someone from Scotland IDEA
    3. √ A book with a plaid cover 
    4. A book with a flannel shirt on the cover IDEA:

  8. Those Bodies
    1. A book by a celebrity known for body positivity IDEAShrill: Notes from a Loud Woman

    2. √ A book with a picture of an ocean on the cover 

    3. A book with a dead body on the cover IDEA: cozy

    4. √ A children's book about body parts 
  9. √ Bringing the World into Your Home√ 
    1. A book about hygge, feng shui, or home harmony 
    2. A book about taking in a stranger 
    3. √ A book about a culture other than your own
    4. √ A book about how radio, television, or the internet has changed us 
  10. The Tools of Writing
    1. √ A paperback book 
    2. √ A book with a typewriter on the cover 
    3. A book with "words" in the title IDEA

    4. A book with "deadline" in the title IDEA

  11. √ That Creepy Feeling
    1. √ A horror story or thriller 
    2. √ A book with an insect on the cover 
    3. A book about something that scares you 
    4. A book with a monster on the cover 
  12. √ Favorites
    1. A book by your favorite author 
    2. √ A book in your favorite genre 
    3. √ A book with your favorite color on the cover 
    4. √ A book from a celebrity favorite list 

  13. √ Crossing Boundaries
    1. √ A book about an interracial romance 
    2. √ A book about the immigrant experience 
    3. √ A book about reconciliation
    4. √ A book about cross dressing 
  14. Things We Don't Talk About
    1. A book with the word "naked" in the title IDEA: TBD

    2. A book by a politician IDEA: TBD

    3. √ A book about oppression 
    4. √ A book about terminal illness 
  15. √  Reflections
    1. √ A book with a mirror on the cover 

    2. √ A memoir 
    3. √ A fiction book about reminiscing 
    4. √ A self help book 
  16. √ Swashbuckling
    1. √ A book with a sword on the cover 
    2. √ A book about pirates IDEAHook's Tale: Being the Account of an Unjustly Villainized Pirate Written by Himself

    3. √ A rollicking adventure story 
    4. √ A book with a map on the cover 

  17. √ Shapes and Colors
    1. √ A book with a primarily black cover 
    2. A book with a shape-shifting character 

    3. √ A book with a shape on the cover that reminds you of a Roschach test 
    4. √ A book by an author whose name is a color 
  18. √ Picture This 
    1. √ A book with the word "picture" in the title 

    2. √ A book with a photograph on the cover 

    3. A book by a journalist or news photographer 

    4. √ An illustrated book 
  19. √ Shh… 
    1. √ A book about secret societies/clubs 
    2. √ A children's book about bedtime 
      • Goodnight Moon by Margaret Wise Brown
    3. √ A book with the word "secret" in the title 

    4. √ A book with a peaceful cover 

  20. Challenges
    1. A book over 500 pages IDEAThe Pillars of the Earth

    2. √ A book about overcoming obstacles 

    3. A book you've set aside in the past because it was hard to get into IDEAThe Shipping News

    4. √ A book with the word "hard" in the title 
  21. √ Drinking Game
    1. √ A cozy mystery with a beverage in the title 
    2.  A book with a picture of an alcoholic beverage on the cover 

    3. √ A book title that could be a drinking game
    4.  √ A nonfiction book about alcohol  
  22. It's All Relative 
    1. √ A book set in your grandparents' era 
    2. A book with the word "father" in the title IDEAFonduing Fathers (A White House Chef Mystery, #6)

    3. √ A book you'd share with your child 
    4. √ A book about an estranged family

  23. √ Weather 
    1. √ A book with the word "snow" in the title
    2. √ A nonfiction* book about a weather related disaster 
    3. √ A book with a picture of clear blue sky on the cover 
    4. √ A book that comforts you on a rainy day 
  24. TBR Burners 
    1. √ A book that had been on your TBR list more than a year 
    2. A book someone gave to you that you haven't read yet IDEAIn the Woods 

    3. Anything you want 
    4. √ A book you're excited to read 
  25. √ Borrowing 
    1. √ A book with a character from a different book 

    2. √ A fairytale or myth retelling in a modern setting 
    3. √ A book written by an author with a pseudonym 
    4. √  A book borrowed from the library 
  26. √ Putting 2020 Behind Us 
    1. √ A book with a crowded cover 

    2. √ A book about self care or recovery 
    3. √  A book set after a major world event (war, weather disaster, etc.) 

    4. √ A book with the word "better" in the title 

  27. Wildcards
    1. A book by an author under 30 IDEA: TBD

    2. √ A 2021 release 

    3. √ A comic book
    4. √ A book by two or more authors 

    5. √ A collection of essays

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