Friday, February 5, 2021

Misalignment and Murder

 This book is an Advanced Reader Copy that I received from the author.  It isn't actually being released until Feb 15th on Amazon.  It is the second installment of the Chiro Cozy series by Cathy Tully.   Susannah Shine owns her own chiropractor practice in Peach Grove, Georgia.  She has been in the town for 15 years and has a wonderful core group of friends.  These friends, spearheaded by Bitsy, end up assisting her in solving mysteries that she seems to keep getting dragged into.  The characters are fun and quirky, the reader can definitely see them as real people that you would meet in your own life.  

This second book introduces us to Angie, Susannah's sister, who has recently relocated from Brooklyn to live with Susannah.  She and her son, Caden, are very key components of this book.  While I did enjoy meeting these 2 key new characters, at times it felt as though there were too many new characters playing roles in the story.  It was hard to track who was who at times.  This is the reason I only gave the book a 3 star rating.   

The mystery itself is very sound and has several twists and subplots that are relevant and engaging.  Overall I look forward to reading more in this series as it is released.

Misalignment and Murder: A Chiro Cozy Mystery Book 2Misalignment and Murder: A Chiro Cozy Mystery Book 2 by Cathy Tully
My rating: 3 of 5 stars 

I enjoyed this second installment of the Chiro Cozy series with Susannah Shine as the lead character. I liked that the core group of characters has been expanded to include Susannah's sister, Angie and her son Caden. The characters continue to be developed and I appreciate that they seem to learn new things about each other in the different books. I did feel at times there were a few too many characters introduced in this installment but once you got into the book it was a bit more apparent who they were and how they fit into the existing relationships. The mystery itself was well developed and had several twists and subplots that kept it interesting. There was even some humor thrown in via Angie's Brooklyn accent and the subtle language differences it brought to the story. 
I look forward to ready more in this series 

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