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I had read a preview about this book in a literary magazine.  It had intrigued me and thus I was quite happy when my book club chose to read this book in July.  I had started it much later than several members and they had indicated it was a dry read, kind of like reading a text book.  Needless to say, expectations were not high when I started it.  Turns out I liked it better than most.

I just focused on the story and didn't worry about keeping track of characters or the overall history of expeditions to the pole that the author frequently referred to.  This was one of the issues as the book was written from the captain's logs and would be telling a narrative when suddenly the author would switch to talk about other explorers at other periods of time.  Which while interesting facts, lead to a less flowing narrative.  

All in all I enjoyed the book and could find myself visualizing the landscape and the ocean as they were described in the book.  It wasn't written quite in the voice that reads like a novel such as when I read Bad Blood.  But if you enjoy history or travel this is a fascinating non fiction read about William Barents and his polar expeditions.     

Icebound: Shipwrecked at the Edge of the WorldIcebound: Shipwrecked at the Edge of the World by Andrea Pitzer
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Interesting non fiction work

While there were times this NF work read like a research paper and took a bit to get into, I did like it. I read it like a story and didn’t try to keep all the names straight. It is a factual account of a historical event and as such there is not a lot of emotions expressed by people in the book. It is still possible to envision their possible emotions during their struggles but they are not explicitly written as the account is sourced from a captains log. If you like reading about risk takers and areas of the world that you haven’t visited this book will appeal to those interests

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