Monday, January 4, 2021

Unruly Reader Bingo


I had intended to do this challenge last year but just failed to track etc. It is hosted on the Unruly Reader Blog.   I am excited to try again this year.   It is a basic bingo card where you try to get a bingo or go for blackout.  They have selected a nautical theme this year and the bingo card looks awesome.  There are some explanations of the topics but you can interpret as you see fit.


My Selections:

  1. 1000 books before you die
  2. black author
  3. eye catching
  4. triumph
  5. sugar
  6. anti racist
  7. narrative non fiction
  8. instant classic
  9. noir
  10. survival
  11. quest
  12. DIY
  13. final book- the whole package
  14. Defiance
  15. The Explorer
  16. Unconventional
  17. restoration
  18. blurb
  19. edwardian
  20. quarantine
  21. breezy
  22. immigrant
  23. russia
  24. rabbit hole
  25. √ knotty  

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