Sunday, March 14, 2021

The Answer Is

 This memoir by Alex Trebek is a five star read for me.  I loved the short snippets of stories that were presented in each chapter.  It made for easy reading between activities that you didn't have to worry about flipping back a few pages to remember where you were in the narrative.  The book covers all aspects of Alex's life, from childhood in Sudbury, Ontario, his early career in Canada and into the days that lead to Jeopardy hosting.  There are personal life stories as well as stories relating to the shows he has hosted.  He includes stories about the behind the scenes workings of Jeopardy and some of the most famous contestants.  

His writing style was much like you were sitting in his living room with him while he regales you with stories from his life.  He comes across as a down to earth man who values his family greatly as well as believing in the power of hard work.   The story touches briefly on his current battle with pancreatic cancer and some of his philosophies about this struggle and others in life.  There are brief tidbits about political and environmental issues but by no means does he use this book as a pulpit to try to preach about either.   He just expresses his opinion and feelings about the country and the impacts the topics are having upon us as a culture.  

I absolutely enjoyed the format and his writing style.  He definitely feels like someone I would want to have dinner with if you were playing that what if game.  I challenge anyone to be able to read this book and not hear his voice narrating his stories he tells.  I highly recommend this book as a refreshing view into the life and history of a pop culture celebrity.

The Answer Is…: Reflections on My LifeThe Answer Is…: Reflections on My Life by Alex Trebek
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Feels like conversing with an old friend

This is a great book by Alex Trebek. It feels like part biography part philosophy and part snippets of his show biz career. It’s written in nice little chapters that are self contained so you can read a bit and then pick it up later and not feel like you got lost in the story. It’s a wonderful tale by a seemingly wonderful man. I challenge you to read it without hearing his famous voice telling you the stories

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