Sunday, March 14, 2021

Hush Hush

 This is the 56th book in the Stone Barrington by Stuart Woods.   The series is a fun escape but are by no means pieces of serious literature.  The book leads the reader on a trip around the different parts in the world where Stone Barrington owns properties.  Unlike many of the books in the series this one really doesn't have a mystery element, it is more thriller suspense in nature.  If you are looking for a fun quick escape then this is a great book for you.

Hush-HushHush-Hush by Stuart Woods
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This was a typical gun toting, sexual encounter filled book featuring Stone Barrington. It was an entertaining chase around the world amongst the different properties Stone owns. Many of the typical characters appear with several new characters. If you are looking for an action packed story that borderlines on a spy thriller then this is a good choice for you.

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Challenge Prompts

The Challenge Prompts I will use this for are:  

  1. Library Love  #LibraryLoveChallenge  Book #24
  2. AtoZ   #2021AtoZReadingChallenge  #AlphabetSoupChallenge "H" 
  3. Finishing the Series   #FinishingTheSeries2021 current on Stone Barrington series
  4. Virtual Mount TBR #VirtualMountTBR2021   Book #32
  5. Back List Reader  #Backlistreader  Book #35
  6. Cloak & Dagger  #CloakDaggerChal  Book #25
  7. Around the Year in 52 Books #39. A book involving an immigrant
  8. 52 Book Club  #the52bookclub2021  #31 Shares A Similar Title To Another Book
  9. BooklistQueen   # 34. An Author You Love
  10. NJM Book Challenge  #NJMBookChallenge2021  #15 by one of your fav authors
  11. What's in a Name   #2 Doubled word (ex. In a Dark, Dark Wood; Wolf by Wolf)
  12. Pick your Poison #24-3 Anything you want 
  13. Medical Examiner Challenge  11 Toe Tags (shot)
  14. Beachcomber Challenge  
    • Crime Scenes 
      • Row 1
        • Pathway or forest x7
      • Row 2
        • Alley or mews x1
        • Lawn x1
      • Row 3
        • Bar, store, restaurant x2
    • Weapons
      • Row 2 
        • Hand gun
      • Row 5
        • Rifle or shotgun
    • Detectives- Ed Rawls/Dino Baccheti/ Lance Cabot/ Stone Barrington/ Rocky
  15. Six Shooter Challenge  Target #5b  Shot #3

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