Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Peril through the Panama Canal

 This is book 2 in the Lizzie Josephson Cozy Cruise Series.  These mysteries are well written and focus on the action in the plot.   If you are looking for huge character development or descriptive scenery this probably isn't the series for you.  But, if you are lookin for fun, clean and focused mysteries these are a great series.  The characters are a recurring cast centered around Adrianne Christander, a new inheritor of a cruise line and how she is growing into the role as an owner and how she is approaching the business development aspect of the cruise line.  Her BFF Carol is present in all the stories as is Captain Keith Knowles.   Their relationships are ancillary to the plot lines.   I don't mean to imply they don't feel relatable, in fact I find much of Adrianne's problem solving/business analytics very relatable as that was my previous role before becoming a stay at home mom.   The stories are just more plot driven and less about development of the relationships and dialogue outside of that which pertains to the mysteries/plots.

The other aspect that differs from many of the cozy mysteries I read is these generally are not murder mysteries.  Instead, there are other crimes that are part of the storylines.  I find this a nice refreshing aspect even if it means I cannot put them down in my ME challenge :)

All in all these are a fun set of cozies to get lost in for an afternoon.  

Peril Through The Panama: Book Two: The Cozy Cruise MysteriesPeril Through The Panama: Book Two: The Cozy Cruise Mysteries by Lizzie Josephson
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Charming cruising mystery

This second installment on the Cosmos cruise ship has Adrienne and Carol meeting up with Captain Keith again. This time they find themselves on a cruise through the Panama Canal. I enjoyed reading the story about the cruise and the mystery they encounter. I found the story interesting and believable. The only part that I found a bit dissatisfying was the fact Adrienne had been on this cruise for more than two weeks with Carol working on a mystery that somehow she hadn’t kept her abreast of the situation. They seem close so this part felt a bit inconsistent. I enjoyed the story though and look forward to reading more in the series

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