Tuesday, November 23, 2021

Once Upon A Prince

 I am not generally a romance reader but I thoroughly enjoyed this Christian romance novel by Rachel Hauck.  The main characters Susannah and Nathaniel are very likeable characters who have had their hearts broken in the past.  They are both at points in their lives when they are faces decisions on how to move forward.  It is not at all convenient for them to fall in love with each other.   But the heart knows what it wants.  Their relationship is not without its bumps and interferences, but they way they handle the situations and the support they provide each other is wonderful to read.  So often books are full of flawed characters and relationships,  This is not a book where everything goes right all the time, in fact there are lots of impediments to them being together.  The reader is certainly cheering them on to succeed though.

I appreciated that the outcome was not the fairy tale ending that would have been so easy to write.  Rather, the Cinderella like story has some twists and the evil step mother and sister are well disguised.  All in all if you are looking for a book with a positive message and an underlying faith in God then you will enjoy this book.

Once Upon a PrinceOnce Upon a Prince by Rachel Hauck
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I am not generally a romance reader but I enjoyed this book. I appreciated the depth of the principles of the main characters and their willingness to do what was the best for others rather than what would make them most happy. The growth Susannah experiences is apparent as is her relationship with God. Her conviction helps Nate reawaken his beliefs and trusts in God as well. I thought their spirituality felt authentic and not pushy or preachy as other reviewers have said. I also liked that the ending was not the predictable easy happily ever after that it so easily could have been.

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