Wednesday, May 12, 2021

The Four Winds

 This is the second book I have read by Kristin Hannah.   She does a wonderful job of capturing historical settings.  This book is set in the Texas Panhandle during the Dust Bowl era of the 1930s.  Her characters, Elsa, Tony, Rosa and Rafe, all represent the strength and frustration of the human spirit during an unbelievably challenging time.  

Character development is a strength of Hannah's talent.   It is easy for the reader to put themselves in the story and to feel attachment to the characters.  As you read, it would be difficult not to feel sorrow and frustration just as Elsa does during the saga.  Hannah develops her as a strong female character who truly does not believe in her own strength and resilience.  Her's is a hard life, but she soldiers on and does what is necessary for her family.

It is easy to envision the scenery and the strife that the farmers and other residents of the Great Plains experienced in this unbelievable period of time.  Hannah's descriptions are vivid representations of the hardships and the terrain the people of the time and region suffered.  Her ability to draw a reader into her story is amazing.

This novel is a very engrossing read and I look forward to reading more of Hannah's works;  I have The Great Alone on my shelf and may prioritize it now that I have read this work. I had previously read The Nightingale and it is also a great demonstration of female strength and resilience.  

The Four WindsThe Four Winds by Kristin Hannah
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Kristin Hannah's ability to draw you into the lives of her characters is an amazing talent. As I read it was easy to visualize myself in the place of the characters. The angst and the heartbreak come through in her writing. Her descriptions of the terrain in Texas and CA is vivid and moving. I truly cannot imagine what it was like to live during the Dust Bowl or to have experienced this level of uncertainty for your own survival. Hannah's ability to tell a story that draws you in continues in this latest work

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