Saturday, March 13, 2021

Olive Bright Pigeoneer

 This novel by Stephanie Graves is a great combination of a historic fiction novel and a cozy mystery in the classic styling of Agatha Christie.  It is a well written mystery that has quite a few suspects and a surprise ending.  The main character, Olive is a well developed character that demonstrates multiple layers of her personality.  She is a young woman torn between helping her family and a need to feel like she is helping her country.

The Bright family has a dovecote of winning racing pigeons.  They have appealed to the war department to utilize their pigeons in the war effort, unfortunately Olive's father has a reputation that precedes him and makes that an impossibility.   Olive is feeling restless in her hometown and is seeking to signup for war work.   Then along comes a suspicious death in town and a strange visitor to their home.   The visitor insists on secrecy but offers to let Olive and her pigeons play a role in the war effort but she cannot tell her family.    The resulting cover story makes for some interesting plot lines.  Meanwhile Olive is investigating the mysterious death of the town's opinionated busybody.   Olive decides to channel her inner Hercule Poirot and investigate this death which she feels is not the accident that the inquest determines it to be.  

All in all this is a well written and entertaining historic cozy.   I recommend it as a great combination of historical fiction and the mystery included in the plot.  

Olive Bright, PigeoneerOlive Bright, Pigeoneer by Stephanie Graves
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

A fun take on a cozy mystery. It really read more like a historic fiction novel for quite awhile. There is lots of historic detail and story based around WWII era England. The mystery that is included is well written and intertwined with the storyline well. The investigation leads to a surprise ending and guilty party. If interested in reading historic cozy mysteries this is a good choice

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