Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Such a Fun Age

This debut novel by Kiley Reid has been getting lots of attention on book groups and boards, and rightfully so.  The book is written with a great pace and strong storytelling while also providing thought provoking material that is very timely given today's race and social justice discussions.

 I think the points that really hit home for me in the book is that often times people think they are doing the right thing and inadvertently cause harm instead.   I also think the book pointed out people approach the same situation with different perspectives based on their backgrounds and past experiences and this can often influence how they see a situation.  Reid does a very good job at highlighting this in her story. 

I did feel that there are times when things are judged as being a race difference but could also be perceived as a socio economic difference.   This is alluded to in Reid's story when she discusses Emira's friends and their financial standing versus her own.   They are Black and Hispanic but seem to be doing better financially than her at the beginning of the book,  most of them have found their calling in life and have started down that path whereas Emira still seems to be searching for her calling. 

Reid's story definitely highlights the fact that word choices can greatly impact how a comment is received.   Tasking the time to ensure our statements aren't judgmental can go a long way toward inadvertently insulting or hurting someone. 

If you are looking for a thought provoking, well written story then be sure to read this book.  Reid delivers a fast pace book without being too judgmental or preachy.

Such a Fun AgeSuch a Fun Age by Kiley Reid
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This was an enjoyable and thought provoking book. It has an interesting and forthright approach to the topic of race. I did see some aspects of the situations where you could understand how something that is seen as being helpful can actually be perceived as a derogatory move. The phrase the best laid intentions kept running through my head at different points in the book. I think besides race disparities/perspectives this book also highlighted the disparities in socio-economic views to different situations.

All in all this is a very thought provoking book which leaves you thinking about it long after you finish.

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