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 Do not let the start of this novel lead you to believe it is a preachy environmental warrior novel.  It is not.  It is a multi generational book that centers around forestry and the different roles humans can play in that industry.    I really enjoyed reading the book in the chronological order of a tree's rings.  Starting with the newest story, reaching back to the beginning and then arcing back out through the generations until reaching the original timeframe at the end.  

The characters are well developed and complex just like real life.  At times the plot leads you to dislike certain people and then we learn more about the story and see there is more than meets the eye.   Willow is a woman who shuns the wealth she is raised in as many upper class children can-   this is in evidence today with much of what is going on in the US.  Unfortunately she makes some rash decisions without having a full picture.   Similarly, we see her actions had some unintended consequences that probably didn't fit with her intentions.   

This novel does a wonderful job of capturing the complexities of life and relationships.  People are multilayered and not everything is as it seems on the surface.   We can only do our best and try to be our best for ourselves, our family and the future.  

GreenwoodGreenwood by Michael Christie
My rating: 5 of 5 stars 

This novel does a wonderful job of intertwining 4 generations of story lines. There is a bit of a mystery as to how it all connects but Mr. Christie does a wonderful job of tying all the pieces together. The characters are well developed and the reader can easily feel emotional responses toward them. The characters are not all as they seem on the surface, just like most people we encounter in life. There is a wonderful message about trying to find our place in this world and in living existence in general. 
At the beginning I was worried the story would be a preaching message about global warming but it really was not like that at all. While interspersing the care of the environment into the story as an important thread, it was not a preaching approach at all. It showed how all sides to an issue can seem to be right in their own way. Ultimately we all play a role in the footprint of the Earth.
This is a wonderful read and really flies by once you begin reading it. 

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