Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Women's Murder Club

I finally had a chance to read the latest installment in James Patterson's Women's Murder Club.  This means I am all caught up until the next book is published, thus adding another title to my #FinishingtheSeries challenge. 

The 19th Christmas is set back in the usual San Francisco environment and continues to center on Lindsay Boxer and her friends.  Although this story differs from many of the others as there really is minimal storyline involving the friends.  There are some basic attempts to weave Yuki and the others in, the stories were very extraneous compared to the other installments in the series.

The 19th Christmas (Women's Murder Club, #19)The 19th Christmas by James Patterson
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

While the main storyline involving Lindsay Boxer and Joe is a good story, it felt at times like a stretch to include the supporting friend characters. Their storylines are much more ancillary this time than in previous books in the series. I did enjoy the book and finished it in a single day. It felt like the authors were stretching to make it a Women's Murder Club versus a Lindsay Boxer story. The main mystery was a good twist and turn story though as always.

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Date Completed:  Jan 5, 2020

Challenge Tracking

This is another Library borrow so that gets me started off quite well on my Library Love challenge (Book 3).  Be sure to check out my Challenge tracker tab at the top of the page to see how I am doing on my different challenges.

  1.  Cloak and  Dagger: Book 3 
  2. Medical Examiner-  4 Toe Tags 
  3. Six Shooter-  1 shot for James Patterson
  4. Finishing the Series-  Book catches me up on the Women's Murder Club series as of Jan 2020
  5. Library Love-  Book 3
  6. TBR Book #3  #Backlistreader ; #MountTBR2020; #StartOnYourShelfathon
  7. Literary Escapes-  San Francisco, CA
  8. Alphabet Soup Author Edition #AlphabetSoupAuthorChallenge-  "J"
  9. Mystery Bingo:  
    • Weapons card 2:  Gun
    • Crime scene card:  Cliff and Office
  10. Around the Year:  #12  multiple authors
  11. 52 Books in 52 weeks  #17  Written by more than one author
  12. NJM-  #11 A book by multiple authors
  13. Popsugar-  #46  By author with more than 20 books
  14. While I was Reading- #4  Book centered around a holiday
  15. Calendar of Crime-  Dec #4 set at Christmas
  16. Wizarding World Tour Beauxbatons-  A book set at Christmas
  17. 20 in 20 #Read20in2020 #1  Crime fiction or True crime book
  18. Beat the Backlist #BeatTheBacklist2020 #14 the 4th + book in a series
  19. Wizarding World Tour  
    • Beauxbatons: set at Christmas

Possible prompts

I will decide as the year goes along which prompts I use it for on this challenge :
  1. Book List Queen
    •  #46 multiple authors
    • #32 The Next Book in a Series
    • #39 A Book You Haven’t Read by an Author You Love

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